Non-linear Time and Simultaneous Lives

Non-linear Time and Simultaneous Lives

Non-linear Time and Simultaneous Lives

I think one of the hardest metaphysical concepts for people to wrap their mind around is the idea that time is just an illusion. In a previous post, I gave some scientific information to support the concept of timelessness as well as an analogy to try to help put it into perspective.

In this post, I’ll try to simplify that concept into something even more simplistic to give you an idea of how every moment that has ever occurred or will occur exists together outside of time – including your past and future lives, parallel realities, etc.

Think of every single moment – every nanosecond – of your life captured in its own polaroid picture. Now think of every moment from every life you’ve ever had also captured – moment by moment – in a polaroid.

Throw them all out on the floor. Line them up chronologically if you want. Organize them by time period if you find that to be helpful.

Do they not all exist simultaneously?

They don’t change. They already are what they are. And they’re all there, existing. The only difference is YOU – which polaroid you are looking at in that moment. The moment you consider “now”.

You can pick each picture up – a single moment in time – individually and examine it. You can look at several photos at once. Or you can look at the entire layout and see multiple lives sitting on the floor right before your eyes.

The ones you looked at before it, you consider to be in the past, and the ones you haven’t looked at yet, you consider to be in the future, but yet they are all already there, laying on the floor before you. The only thing that is moving is YOU. And yet, your awareness (your higher self’s awareness) can move freely forward and backward through all of those moments whenever and however it chooses.

To you, from your current personality’s perspective within the polaroid, it appears as “time” in chronological order. But “your” awareness there is just a single pinpoint of awareness among many. It’s a limited perspective.

From your higher self’s perspective in spirit, there is no time.

Now let’s add another layer – let’s assume there are polaroids of what would have happened with every choice you didn’t make as well as the ones you did, and those are also all laying out on the floor, too. You can see that trail of polaroids branch off from one another at each point where you made a decisions.

You can just as easily look through those as you can the ones you did make. Perhaps there is a part of your awareness experiencing them now just as you are experiencing the others…

These would be your parallel lives, which all also exist simultaneously.

Karma is just what people think it is when they look at only part of that picture – when they see it happening from the human perspective, they assume that it happens linearly and it gives the appearance to them that they are “coming back” over and over.

Also, not realizing the parallel realities, they believe they can somehow make mistakes. But all of the possible outcomes are known and quite possibly experienced through parallel lives, so there’s really no such thing as a mistake. Only experience.

That’s why people who experience NDEs might say “No need to do anything, just breathe and be,” and other people think they are working their way through and toward some kind of lesson/goal. It’s just coming from two different perspectives. One is seeing the bigger picture, the other a smaller picture.

Spirit Communication and Reincarnation

Spirit Communication and Reincarnation

Spirit Communication and Reincarnation

Question from a reader:

“My daughter and I were talking about channeling. She said the thing she didn’t understand was how we can communicate with a particular spirit if they reincarnate. I don’t understand the specifics of how this works. Can you shed light on this?

I like this question! I am, in fact, planning on doing a class at some point in the near future on the mechanics of reincarnation to give people a much larger picture of what this looks like and how it works.

There’s a lot of perceptual fallacies going on here that I hope I can clear up.

Perceptual fallacy #1: Souls are a 1 to 1 ratio.

We tend to think of ourselves – our current incarnation and personality – as a “soul.” And we tend to think of our past lives as other people our souls have been, previously, and we think of this as occurring linearly.

For example: I, Ashley, would die. Go to Heaven. Decide to reincarnate. Leave Heaven and enter a new body.

This is inaccurate. That’s only what it appears to be when you can’t see the full picture.

I (and you) am merely a tiny pinpoint of awareness within a much larger being – the higher self.

Now here’s the fun part – your higher self may also have another personality incarnate right now, in this time period, on this earth, in addition to you. So would you consider that person’s soul your soul? Or are you two different souls?

All of the people “you” have ever been in your past (current and future) lives each represents a tiny point of awareness within that larger being. You are all “separate” groupings of energy, or maybe more accurately, different combinations of energy within that higher self. So while those souls are “you” in a much larger sense, they are not you, exactly. You are each unique. I put separate in quotation marks because you are not actually separate, but it’s hard to understand.

It might be helpful for you to think of each of those “people” as different souls. Or – imagine a jelly fish as being the higher self, and each tentacle is a different person you’ve been in a past or future life.  All are a part of the whole, but each is it’s own being.


Perceptual fallacy #2: Time exists linearly.

The biggest thing that you have to understand – and it’s probably also one of the hardest things for people to grasp – is that TIME as you know it DOES NOT EXIST.

Another reason that people have trouble understanding how someone can reincarnate and still be accessible via the spirit realm is because we process everything as happening sequentially, when in reality, it is all happening in the “now” moment.

All of your incarnations exist right now, as we speak both in spirit (because they are a part of the higher self which always resides there) and in the physical. There’s no need for you to die, cross over, and then come back into another life – you already exist there right now.

I’ll be posting another visual analogy later this week to help give you an idea of what the higher self looks like. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss the post.

The 7 Books on My Spiritual Reading List

The 7 Books on My Spiritual Reading List

The 7 Books on My Spiritual Reading List

Aeople sometimes ask me, “How did you get to know so much about spirituality?!” I don’t necessarily think I’m a voice of authority or anything but I usually just tell them, “I read a lot.”

Well, I started thinking about it and I guess that isn’t entirely true. I haven’t read a ton of things – only about seven books, total, come to mind – but the ones that I have read have been very helpful, and now I’m going to give you that list in the order that I read them!

1. The Secret History of the World by Mark Booth (Pen name Johnathan Black)

This is a great book for those of you interested in how religion ties into spirituality as well as occultism. It covers so many topics throughout history including mystery schools, secret societies, ancient civilizations and so much more.

While much of it is speculation and conjecture, it’s still littered with facts and you can learn a great deal about each of those topics and I always tell people that, if anything, this book challenged not only everything I thought I knew, but also the WAY I thought about it. It gave me the tools I needed to begin breaking down conditioned thinking and faulty belief systems and start looking at the world in a whole new way.

2. Conversations with God, Books 1-3 by Neale Donald Walsch

I recommend that EVERYONE read these books. They are the foundational principles for spirituality and I love to re-read them every now and again when I start to feel overwhelmed just to remind myself of the basics of why we’re here.

This book is amazing, particularly for people who come from a Christian background. It’s positive, uplifting and easy to comprehend. I remember as I read it, it felt like my mind was being blown every 20 minutes and I had to put the book down just to absorb the incredible revelation I just had.

3. Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss

This was a quick and easy read for me and really gave me a clear picture of how the energy of past lives can truly affect what we are here to do in this life.

4. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

This book is phenomenal for improving self-awareness, particularly for people who struggle with their own emotions or have suffered through a traumatic life event. It’s very empowering, in my opinion.

5. The Electric Jesus by Jonathan Talat Phillips

I enjoyed this book even though it’s out of the realm of your typical spiritual fare. It’s about contemporary Gnosticism and delves into the culture of psychedelics, particularly ayahuasca.  It also gave me a burning desire to go to Burning Man…at least once.

6. Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

This was another book that I absolutely LOVED. It gives such an in-depth description of reincarnation and life planning and really solidified the concepts that I learned from reading the posts on Channeling Erik.

I even shared this book with my grandmother!

7. The Custodians by Delores Cannon

The Custodians was the most recent book that I read, just this past summer. I suppose it really completes the circle when it comes to the different areas that spirituality can delve into. It is also the third book on my list that was written with case files from a trained hypnotherapist (the other two being Journey of Souls and and Many Lives, Many Masters). It’s a bit more “out there” than any of the other books on the list – save, perhaps, The Electric Jesus – but it’s still fascinating nevertheless.

Get links to find all of these and more of my recommended books by clicking here. 

Have you read any of these already? What did you think about them? Are there others you recommend? Let me know in the comments.

Non-linear Time and Simultaneous Lives

Timelessness In the Afterlife

Timelessness In the Afterlife

We often hear spiritual teachers and mediums say that there is no time in the afterlife.  Some of them even go so far as to say that time doesn’t even exist here on the earth plane, and in reality, reincarnation isn’t even a linear process – all of the incarnations are happening simultaneously.

So how does time work if it isn’t real? 
This is (mostly) not from a spiritual perspective with the exception of one thing, which is the assumption that your soul is made of light energy. The rest is pure science.

Here’s a fun notion – time is not only nonexistent in the spirit world, it’s nonexistent HERE and NOW. We only perceive it as time.

We have Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (specifically Special Relativity) to thank for this.

Einstein figured out that time is intrinsically linked to space (the distance between two objects kind of space), also known as space/time. The big deal about relativity – the reason it’s CALLED relativity – is because time is RELATIVE to the observer, a stationary point in space, i.e. YOU.

The reason it’s hard for people to grasp the idea of all things happening at once, or simultaneously, is because we assume that it’s playing like a video in a fluid motion.

All of these things are happening fluidly, but that’s not the best way to look at it. When you look at a movie reel, it’s actually a collection of STILL FRAMES that are moving quickly enough that they appear to be fluid.

That’s what is meant by everything it happening at once – all of those still frames exist simultaneously.

Think of it like single snapshots or photographs stacked together in chronological order.

Every location in space and every moment in time all exist simultaneously as these still frames. Everything is happening “right now,” always.

Time, as you experience it, is really where you happen to find yourself among those still frames.

It’s which picture you’re in at the moment. It’s a location in space.

But of course, we perceive ourselves as the center of the universe and our perspective isn’t big enough to realize that we’re revolving around the sun, instead of the sun revolving around us. 

Now that you’ve got the bigger picture in your head, let’s add another layer. The closer to the speed of light you are moving, the slower your experience of “time.”

I will refer you to one of my favorite episodes of the Colbert Report for these examples:

If you were to get up and run around the room, your watch would tick off less time than it would if you were just sitting still.

If you were to travel 99.9999999 % of the speed of light, you go out into space for six months, you turn around and you come back, you will have aged only one year, but earth will have aged 223,607 YEARS. You’ll have gone a quarter of a million years into the future.

When you actually REACH the speed of light – TIME (or rather your perception of the passage of time, because it’s relative to how fast you are moving) STOPS.

So – your soul is made up of light energy. Light, of course, is moving at the speed of light… because that’s what light does. That’s why, according to spirit, they experience timelessness.

They are able to access each of those still frames from any ‘time period’ in any order they choose. When they aren’t looking at one of those still frames – it doesn’t keep “playing” – it’s still just a still frame.

Erik, from Channeling Erik has described it as watching people’s lives play out on a TV monitor. He can press “pause” and go watch someone else for a while, and then come back and hit play again and pick up right where he left off – because it’s a series of still frames.

From his perspective, when he’s not looking at you – you’re just frozen. Even though from your perspective, life keeps rolling right along.

Another example Erik has used is that each person’s life is like a book. He can pull the book off the shelf and read a couple of chapters, put the book back. Then when he’s ready to read it again, he can start right where he left off and have not missed a thing.

For additional information, check out this full length documentary, The Illusion of Time, staring my physics nerd crush, Brian Greene:

Life is Not a School: The Nature of Existence

Life is Not a School: The Nature of Existence

Life is Not a School: The Nature of Existence

I realize that it’s a commonly held belief among spiritual people that life on earth is some sort of school – a place where you come to learn lessons and interact in the physical plane. We have to come here and suffer through this physical existence full of negativity in order to obtain contrast and learn the lessons our souls set out to grow through.

I don’t necessarily agree with that analogy and I don’t see this world as training ground at all, or even a terrible place, for that matter. I have moments where I do, but I’ve also had moments where – in all of the ugliness – I’ve been able to see it the way those in spirit see it… it’s utterly beautiful, and to some degree, it’s all of the dysfunction that makes it so.

I can’t really describe what I mean, other than to say that when you’re down here in it, you can’t see the forest for the trees. But to step back into that universal perspective… the variety of choice and belief and the contrast and the infinite possibilities that life on this earth holds – it truly is a masterpiece. I saw that, in a single moment… for just a few seconds… and was awestruck by it.

So I guess I look at this life as a gift – an opportunity to paint my part of this masterpiece. Sure, all of those lessons and learning are an important part, but I also see that as an added bonus. Just being here and being a part of it is an honor. That’s what many in spirit say to us (though most of us don’t really believe or understand them), and it’s true. I’ve seen it and felt it, even if it was just for a second.

It’s a strange duplicity. Yes, there are terrible things that happen in this world.  The constant fighting in the Middle East – that’s terribe.  The Malaysian jet crash is a terrible tragedy. And I think we’re supposed to feel that way while we’re down here in it, partly to spur change for the better.

But from spirit’s perspective, all of this happened with purpose – it’s part of the tapestry we’re creating. Those souls agreed to paint that part of the picture. It’s their contribution to the canvass, and all that we need do is understand and be. Just breathe and be.

I know a lot of people want to view earth as a school, but I think that analogy is a little bit off. When we think of school (at least high school), we think of tests and goals and passing or failing – but there is no pass or fail here, and no test. It’s not about the end goal of graduation so that we don’t have to come back.  If that’s how we’re looking at it, I think we’re entirely missing the point.

It’s more like learning to do something that you’ve always wanted to do, and teaching yourself – through experience, by trial and error. Let’s say  sculpting. You’ve always wanted to be a sculptor. The purpose is to create something and there’s really no right or wrong way to do it, and no one is judging the outcome but you. You can look at what other people have done and imitate that, or you can come up with something completely unique to you.

So you play with the clay, you try several things – some you like, some you don’t, so you keep moulding and shaping and perfecting until you get it just right. That’s our lives. Life is art.

In one of my favorite books, Conversations with God, God says that the whole purpose of life is to know ourselves as the creator.  To truly realize ourselves as God.  So that’s what we’re up to here. Creating with purpose – creating our lives and our world, through trial and error. Finding out what works for us and what doesn’t.  We’re bound to make mistakes, but the learning comes through the process, and it’s learning for the sake of learning, not for the end goal.

Life is about the journey, not the destination, as the cliche goes.

What Happens During A Past Life Regression

What Happens During A Past Life Regression

What Happens During A Past Life Regression

I had my first ever hypnotically-induced past life regression yesterday and it was quite the experience. I have to admit, it was a bit different than what I expected. QHHT regression is a form of past life regression therapy developed by Dolores Cannon.  I’d recently finished reading her book, The Custodians, so I was familiar with her technique and results and wondered what happens during a past life regression.

They say that it’s easier for a person to be regressed when they are already used to going into states of deeper consciousness and relaxing the mind – therefore, meditators have a better shot at having a good past life regression hypnosis session.

In preparation for my own past life regression, I also had my friend Teresa, a certified hypnotist, prep me with a short hypnotic induction earlier in the week.

Physical Responses to Past Life Regression Hypnosis

As it turns out, I apparently have an uncontrollable reaction when it comes to any sort of regressive hypnosis – whether for memories from this life or a past life.  I cry.

The memory doesn’t have to be anything even remotely emotional. In fact, most of them were rather mundane. I cried anyway.

I don’t think my reaction had much to do with any emotions tied to the past life memories themselves, but was rather a result of being connected to the entirety of a life’s emotional energy as a whole. It’s a very large chunk of energy to connect with and process, and as such, my body’s natural reaction was just to shed tears.

During my session, I noticed myself getting very hot. I’d read about others having this reaction in Dolores’ books. I think this was another result of the past life energy that I was connecting with during the session. Afterward, I was light headed.

My past life regression session lasted two hours, and if it had gone much longer, I probably wouldn’t have been able to drive home. I spent the rest of the day recovering from what I refer to as an energy hangover – physically and emotionally exhausted, ungrounded and a slight headache.

This, again, is a result of connecting with such an abundance of strong energy on a prolonged basis. Even though I didn’t feel great for the better part of the day after my session, I slept the most restful sleep I have slept in a very long time and have woken up this morning feeling very refreshed.

The Past Life Regression Hypnotic Experience

Hypnosis isn’t at all what TV makes it out to be. You’re conscious mind – or at least my conscious mind – was present the entire time and was necessary to process the information I was receiving and to be able to interpret it and speak what I was experiencing.

Being intuitive, my past life regression was very much the same as receiving information psychically – relying on what I feel about what I’m seeing to properly interpret the meaning.

I discovered that I’d always had a misconception about what people meant when they said they didn’t remember anything after their hypnosis session. I’d always assumed that meant it was more akin to a blackout – they remember nothing about the experience at all.  In reality – at least for me, it was more of a dream-like state.  When you wake up from the dream, it often fades very quickly and sometimes you can’t remember what it was you were dreaming about. You know you were, you just can’t remember. That’s what it was like.

I think I had always assumed that information through past life regression hypnosis comes from very distinct levels of consciousness, and that one level of consciousness would need to leave and allow another to take over and that difference would be very clear cut and distinct. That’s not what it was like at all.

To describe it is difficult. The best I way I can do so is to say that we are multidimensional beings, and as such, we exist at many different levels at once. During your past life regression hypnosis, you’re inside and somewhat aware of all of those levels simultaneously.  The information you receive comes from different levels of consciousness that are all there and the differences between them are very subtle.

So because the conscious mind is still present and aware, it’s easy for you to wonder if you are making things up or simply saying out loud what you want to hear. You have to have a certain level of trust with yourself and simply “go with it” and see where things lead. Worry about analyzing it later.

What I Learned About My Past Lives In My Regression

Even the phrase, “what I learned about my past lives” is a bit of a misnomer. The odd thing is – while the past lives that I saw were lives that I hadn’t yet known about, I didn’t necessarily learn anything from the details within them that I didn’t already have a sense of. Rather, the whole experience gave me some validation to the things I’d already felt I knew.

To some degree, I expected to see scenes and events from past lives that were having a direct effect on this one.  A very, “Because of this event here, you’ve experienced these events in this life.”  Maybe I’d see a person who is in my life now and see how they wronged me in a past life and then I would understand what was happening in our relationship in this life. But it wasn’t like that.

My past life regression experience was much more symbolic in nature.  I’ll give you an example:

In one life, I saw a scene where I was some sort of peasant living outside of a smaller village somewhere in Europe (England, Ireland – somewhere cool, damp and overcast).  One of the scenes I saw was a somewhat crudely built church made of gray stones. Inside, a priest was talking to a small congregation of 40 or so people.

There was some kind of pestilence or disease spreading throughout the community, or perhaps the weather just hadn’t been good for crops.  The priest was telling the people in the church that it was God’s punishment for their sins.

Those were the details of the life, but I also sensed an overall theme – a time when dogma and fear reigned, people did as they were told, they did not question it, and life was very mundane. Almost like everyone simply went through the motions.

As for me in that life – I didn’t believe in what the priest was saying, but I didn’t speak up about it because I knew that I couldn’t, and the only reason I went to the church with my family was because it was expected.

In another life, I once again saw a church – this one was pristinely built, made of smooth white stones with a beautiful circular window. It was in the center of a much larger, more bustling city in which I lived.  But I didn’t see inside the church.

I was, instead, shown a much happier “me” taking care of small children at some sort of orphanage or school. The overall theme of this life was that it was much happier, brighter, more beautiful, and yet the activities took place outside of the church.

I saw a lot of symbolic meaning and contrast between these two lives – they were  depictive of two types of spirituality.  One that was unhappy and existed within the confines of dogma, the other existed outside of the dogma and was lived through every day life – and was much happier.  I saw the contrast in that symbolism as a larger message for me in general.

As such, it wasn’t really what I learned about the past lives during the regression, it was what the past lives showed me about myself right now. All in all, I think it was a great experience and it did indeed give me a lot of validation about what I felt about my own path, currently.

For more information about past lives, check out my article on how past lives affect our current life, and the additional related articles listed below. To learn how you can identify past life dreams, take my online dream interpretation course.

Have you had a hypnotic regression? What happened during your past life regression? Let me know in the comments.

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