You Have All The Power

Happy New Year! As I write to you from my New Year’s Eve/Day destination – sunny Orlando, Florida (seriously, writing this poolside as we speak), I want to give you one a little piece of inspiration for 2015 to help you take control and kick fear to the curb.

I want you all to know one thing. YOU are the creator of your life.

If you know this, and you believe this, and you embrace this, nothing will be impossible for you.

If you deny this, you will still be the creator but you will continue to believe that you are at the mercy of circumstance and the outside world.

Why continue to actively choose to give your power away through doubt and fear – of yourself, of the world around you, both seen and unseen?

It requires taking responsibility for yourself, your emotions, your ego, the things that happen to you.

It requires acceptance and surrender and acknowledgement.

Only when you acknowledge and accept that you are responsible for all that has happened in your past are you able to BECOME responsible for what happens to you in your future.

The idea of claiming that you are a creator and surrender may seem contradictory at first, but it isn’t.

Surrender means letting go of who you THINK you are – the ego, the part of you that believes it is in control and struggles to remain in control – and surrendering to the higher part of yourself. That is where your power lies.

When the ego is stripped away, power is all that remains.

Do you believe that we are all ‘one’? Do you believe that your thoughts create your reality? Do you believe in Law of Attraction?

If the answer is yes, then there is nothing out there that can harm you except YOU because it is all YOU, created by YOU, drawn to you by YOU and it can just as easily be ended by you, but only when you accept full responsibility for it, understand its purpose, transcend that experience and embrace your full potential.

You can do it. You only need to believe that you can. 🙂



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