Wooden Crystal Storage Shelves

I‘ve been seeing these beautiful crystal storage shelves in all shapes and sizes pop up on my Pinterest feed lately and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are all from the same website, Stone & Violet. They are all hand-made and customized to fit a specific crystal collection.  Their whole collection is just fantastic and I know that many of my crystal hoarding friends (ahem, no names) would love something like this to display their collections.

I think my favorite one is the diamond shaped one at the end of the post. What’s yours?

wooden crystal storage shelves

wooden crystal storage shelves

wooden crystal storage shelves

wooden crystal storage shelves

You can learn about other ways to surround your home with crystal energy by checking out one of my other articles here, and learn the best way to store your crystals along with which is more potent, polished or raw, in this article.



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