Is Your Ex Going to Come Back to You?

Icreated the question submission box about a year and a half ago so that people who had questions about metaphysics and spirituality could ask them anonymously.

The question box was meant for general discussion topics that many of my readers are interested in, have been wondering and could learn from, such as, “How do psychic readings work?” “I had a strange paranormal experience that I believe is spiritually related, what could it be?” or “Why do I keep finding myself in certain situations over and over?”

The last one actually IS a question that one might ask in a psychic reading, but because it always comes down to a person’s beliefs and law of attraction, and there are undoubtedly many other people out there who find themselves in the same situation, I often answer those on the blog.

I do find, though, that I receive a lot of questions about relationships–not in general, but the person’s relationship, specifically – which belong in the realm of getting a psychic reading.

The most common of these questions is always some form of “Is my ex going to come back to me?”

I could spend a lot of time writing each of these people back but the truth is, I would be telling every single one of them the exact same thing, so I decided to cover it in a single blog post for the benefit of all. There are two very important factors that one must consider before asking such a question and I have already written about them in separate blog post, which I will link to below:

1). Your future is not set in stone. You create it. 
So the truth is, I can’t really answer for you if or when something will happen. It’s entirely dependent on you. The best prediction that any psychic can make for you is what *might* happen based on your current frame of mind and the energy trajectory that currently exists. Change your frame of mind, change your future.

Click here to read more about this topic: Can a Psychic Predict My future?

2) Maybe your relationship failed for a reason. Perhaps you should be figuring that out instead of wondering when your ex is going to come back…
I know, I know…that’s not the answer anybody wants to hear. But the truth of the matter is that every relationship we have on this earth is meant to show us things about ourselves in subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle ways. We learn from them. They help us change and grow…IF we choose to use them as such an opportunity. The other option is that we ignore the opportunity and sit around feeling sorry for ourselves and never claim our true power. The choice is entirely yours.

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