Why Do Spirits Visit Me?

Question from a reader:

“I feel spirit, I can sense spirit, I can visualize spirit by drawing it, but I can’t always understand what they want nor understand why the same spirits come to me or why I have so many?”

There’s a lot of different reasons why certain spirits may be drawn to you. Or may not be drawn to you at all, depending on the situation.

In my experience, just because spirits are around you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are coming to YOU or that they actually want anything at all. Spirits are around us all the time. Their world is our world and they exist in the same space, we just can’t always see them.

Some of us, on occasion, may find ourselves on a frequency which allows us to see or interact with their plane of existence. It doesn’t mean they are coming to you, it just means that you are finding yourself (finally) aware of them. So don’t think that you have to find meaning in all of your spirit experiences or that they are specifically seeking you out. Sometimes they are as mundane as passing a stranger on the sidewalk.

Other times they may interact with you more directly, but they still aren’t wanting or needing anything from you. They’re just curious… or messing with you because they think it’s funny. 🙂 After all, they’re just humans without a body.

I used to get quite a few spirit visitors in the middle of the night – and during the day. I only communicated with a handful of them – or, I should say, only a handful of them bothered to communicate with me. One of them offered me unsolicited advice on a creative project I was working on in my back yard, which I thought was a terrible idea.

I had someone around me for a while who was a smoker at some point. I kept having the strangest urge to smoke, and I’ve never smoked in my entire life – the very physical feeling and urge to hold a cigarette in my fingers and hold it to my lips. It lasted for a couple of months and then I suppose he or she moved on.  It’s highly likely I actually had conversations with him/her in my head and just wrote it off as inner monologue. I don’t actively listen to half of the shit that’s being talked about in my own head. lol Particularly not during the day when I’m busy doing other things.

If a spirit is specifically attempting to communicate with you, most likely you’ll know it. They have ways of making themselves very well known, invited or not. I woke up one morning in a hotel room to the voice of an older man telling me he didn’t want to be dead.

If you feel like someone is trying to communicate with you, or you’d like to communicate with them, I find that the half-awake, half-asleep state that you experience just before falling asleep or as you are waking up in the morning tends to be an optimal time for communicating. Try asking questions as you’re falling asleep or waking up and see what you get.



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