Why Experience Is Important In Spirituality

Question from a reader:

“The following is a paragraph taken from a general channeling and I wonder what you think?”

‘To balance other lifetimes or complete unfinished karmic lessons, some souls choose a severe illness, chronic debilitating disease, or aberrant mental functioning. In such cases, even the most proficient medical specialists cannot successfully treat the condition and neither can energy workers. This doesn’t mean that the love-light energy the workers channel cannot reach ailing persons; it is that the soul is not permitting activation of their bodies’ self-healing mechanisms.’

The whole reason a soul might choose such a thing is for experience, and when I say experience, it’s not just about “I want to see what it feels like,” physically speaking.


It’s “I want to see what it feels like, emotionally.” – that’s what souls are after. EMOTION first, physical experience, second. Actually it’s those two things tied together and how they interact with each other.

They want to use those opportunities, those emotions, to get to know themselves.

Illness itself is just a circumstance. It’s the emotions and the way you see yourself within that circumstance which is the experience being sought.

And those emotions are tantamount to energy, and when they say that they are karmically balancing something, it’s the energy that is being balanced. It’s not the physical circumstance itself. That’s just a means to an end.

The soul doesn’t need an entire lifetime of this to achieve that desired experience. How long that takes is up to “you” as the human, in terms of how long it takes you to experience the full range of emotion within that experience.

Once you get through that spectrum the “lesson” is done, the experience is over and you move on to something new.



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