What’s In The Cards For The August 21st Solar Eclipse

My interview with Slade Roberson on the Shift Your Spirits podcast drops today! We talked for about an hour about dreams, past lives, and the full story behind how I ended up in New York, which you guys have gotten in bits and pieces here and there, but I don’t think I’ve ever shared the whole thing in chronological order. You can listen to the show by clicking here. Additionally, I just posted a new media page with links to all of the podcasts and interviews and guest posts I’ve done so far. You can check that out up in the top menu bar or by clicking here.

Meanwhile in my life, days are going by and I’m still hanging onto that strange feeling of detachment and general existential disconnect. It makes it really hard to focus on much of anything at all, but I’m still trying to do a few small things a day, particularly when it comes to work.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I saved up enough money to last me about 5-6 months here in the hopes that it gives me enough runway to get settled and get some business going. I’m not sure if all of you know, but I am a marketing and business consultant as well as a graphic and web designer. I’ve done a lot of work with startups and established businesses in the tech arena – web, mobile, ecommerce, software – as well as working with small businesses and solo entrepreneurs who are just getting their businesses started.

And yes – I designed and built In My Sacred Space as well as the other two websites I just linked to. I get a lot of compliments about my brand and design here (just got another one last night!). It’s my baby, so of course I’ve put my all into it and I absolutely consider it to be some of my best work.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been here a month. We’re heading into mid August now. My initial plan was to hit the ground running but I’m quickly realizing that would never have worked. I was under entirely too much stress in the month of July to do much of anything. I wasn’t giving myself time to adjust. I guess that’s why all of the work that I’d planned and hoped would come through in July has been delayed or didn’t work out.

In truth, it’s probably for the best, at least form a short term perspective. I’m actually starting to be able to worry again. I know that sound silly, nobody wants to worry, but it at least means I’m able to feel SOMETHING instead of nothing, even if it is fear-based. I can’t just keep laying here staring at the ceiling.

I guess part of the issue is that I feel disoriented. This move is something that I’ve been avidly working toward for the last six months, and now that it’s over and I’m here… now what? I feel generally directionless at the moment, with no idea what I need to be focusing on or which way to go. I’m open to just seeing what happens, but in order to do that, I’ve got to get out of my apartment and start meeting people, which I did a little bit of over the weekend and it felt good.

I’ve noticed, as I brought up in my Facebook group, that a lot of old fear-based patterns of behavior have been rearing their ugly heads over the last couple of weeks. Judging by the response to the post, it seems as though a lot of you are feeling it, too.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you may have noticed that everyone’s talking about the solar Eclipse that’s happening on August 21st, 2017. Astrologically speaking, it’s kind of a big deal.

Starting last week with the lunar eclipse in Aquarius, we’re in the midst of hitting the energetic reset button. But in order to do that, we have to purge all the beliefs that no longer serve us. That’s why so much of our old conditioning is being thrown in our faces right now.

Recognizing the patterns and acknowledging the fear are so important to releasing it, as I’ve discussed before. This is some serious shadow work we’re up to in the coming weeks.

As I did a couple of years ago with the whole blood moon fiasco, I like to take a symbolic look at what’s happening and even pull a few cards to get a message for the collective, and if anything, help people look at this from a practical perspective.

The solar eclipse itself is on August 21st, which also coincides with a new moon. With the solar eclipse being the reset button and the new moon being where we lay our new intentions to come to fruition, we’ve got quite the astrological set up going here.

I shared a great article in my Facebook group that was shared by a friend about the history behind solar eclipses in general as they pertain to astrology and how this one is a bit special for those of us in the U.S. I’m going to link to that article here and let you read it yourself instead of summarizing. You’ll get the gist.

My friend and empathic astrologer Susan Grace has been discussing this eclipse for quite some time now. In fact, astrologers everywhere have. It’s kind of a big deal. With this eclipse, we’re shifting away from patriarchy into a new paradigm. I know it’s pretty hard to believe given the current state of affairs in the world, but just look at all of this bullshit as patriarchy’s death knell. It’s trying to go out with a band… hopefully not a nuclear one.

Susan and I did a nice little chat a while back about this a while back which you can find here, and I wrote a Facebook post discussing how August 21st was bringing us toward a timeline shift.

All of this is fast upon us, and I’m going to be continuing to write about it more later this week. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the cards for this eclipse:

Daughter of Pentacles, Seven of Swords, and the reversed Five of Cups

The Daughter of Pentacles heralds a time of manifestation. What do you dream of? This is the time to manifest it into the world. We have, collectively, been longing for the end of suffering. The solar eclipse on the 21st opens the door for us to collectively create that which we wish to see in the world. It’s important to note that this is only a beginning – a focused effort is now coming to the forefront. We’re laying the foundation that will make the New Paradigm possible.

The Six of Swords speaks of the things that we must let go of in order to move through the doorway. Unhealthy attachments, old patterns, fears and other things that keep us in a safe, comfortable, familiar – albeit, fearful – environment must go. The process is uncomfortable. It’s not going to be easy. You’re not used to this, and you’re creating something you’ve never seen before. It’s going to feel scary – just like I mentioned in my post above about coming out of the cage. But forward we must go. The letting go of the old paradigm may be difficult, but it will give birth to a greater clarity of purpose and peace. The six of pentacles tells us to remember where we are going and don’t look back. And where is that, exactly?

The reversed Five of Cups talks of the lessons we’ve learned from the old paradigm and how we will use them to our advantage to build a brighter future. Upright, this card is about loss, regret, disappointment, despair, bereavement and other forms of suffering. In the reverse, it’s these things that we are leaving behind. It’s about hope for the future, finding the hidden blessings, and the end of suffering. That’s new paradigm.

What we are doing isn’t easy, but it all begins with ourselves and releasing the fear and the pain and the suffering that we’ve allowed to control us for so long. That purging process is occurring right now. Remember where you’re headed. It will all be worth it in the end.

Stay tuned this week for more talk about coping with the purging process.



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