What Does A Spirit Guide Do?

Question from a reader:

“Someone recently told me that I had a team full of spirit guides and that some of them are not serving me any purpose, they were hired to help me out in a situation and I’m confused. Is this true? And how do I control it? I also want to know how many past lives I had and how to read my own akashic records?”

Typically, yes – we all have a team of spirit guides working with us. We’ll have a primary guide or two who are with us all of our lives and then we may have other guides who come and go throughout our life time who work to help us with various things that we are experiencing.

To say that a guide was “hired” is a bit strange – that would suggest that the guide in question is only doing the job because they are being compensated in some way and as far as I know, there’s no spiritual currency. 🙂 Guides do what they do as part of their own spiritual growth path. They are here to help you of their own volition, because you asked them to be before you incarnated (I use that term loosely and linearly… as I don’t believe our incarnations are sequential in that way, but rather exist simultaneously).

A handful of my own primary guides are actually the past life identities of people in my own soul group who are incarnate with me now. 

Guides (and spirits in general) are somewhat omnipresent, as it were – they can be in multiple places and with multiple people at once (because time is only a perception that we have here while we’re incarnate), so even if a guide has fulfilled its purpose with you, you may still call on them and communicate and they may still check in from time to time. That doesn’t mean they serve no purpose. A guide that serves no purpose is not a guide at all – the very label we give them of “guide” suggests a purpose, you know what I mean?

Over the years, I’ve seen several instances of people getting upset with their guides and/or blaming their guides for their own failures, etc. which makes me giggle a bit. Talk about an inability to accept personal responsibility… you’ve got to blame it on a non-corporeal being? Furthermore, that an individual with a limited human ego could possibly fully comprehend the role their guides are supposed to take and understand what is considered a success or a failure on a spiritual level MORE SO than their own guides and guardian angels is, well, laughably egoic.

Let’s call a spade a spade. We are given clues as to what we are attempting to experience and accomplish here in this life, but we’ll never know it with 100% certainty or see it with 100% clarity 100% of the time, it would defeat the purpose of being here. So for a person to say that their guides are failing them or not serving their purpose, I ask, “And how do you know?”  If the answer is, “I’m suffering,” or “I’m experiencing something that I don’t like,” well… who is to say that is their fault? Who is to say it’s anyone’s fault? Maybe it’s yours, or maybe it’s something you NEED to experience in order to accomplish what you’ve set out to do here?

Your guides’ job is not to make your life fluffy and enjoyable. Your guides’ job is to guide you through the experiences you’ve chosen on spiritual level – whether or not you are fully conscious of the fact that you chose them. 

I’m not sure why anyone would want or need to control who their guides are and what their jobs are – how would you be able to do that in a way that is beneficial, without knowing exactly what your life plan is? My suggestion would be to trust in your higher-self’s master plan and choice in personnel and use their guidance accordingly. If you feel you want or need help with something specific, go ahead and ask for it.

Ultimately, what you need to remember is that all of your guides, too, are simply aspects of your higher self. They are not something that is separate from you – so whether you choose to view them as separate entities or parts of yourself (and parts of the whole) doesn’t matter – whatever helps you visualize and get the help you need.

As far as how many past lives you had, I’ll refer you to my post from a couple of weeks ago where someone asked the same question. Long story short – the “number” of “past” lives you have is relative and dependent upon which perspective you’re looking at it from. Ultimately, you have no past lives, because all lives that have ever occurred exist simultaneously, and “you” – your ego self, is but one of them. So all of them are “yours” from your spirit’s perspective.

There’s several books out there on how to read Akashic Records as well as some guided meditations on YouTube that you may find helpful. I would add one word of caution – you’ll only be allowed to view what you’re ready to see. If you attempt to look into something that you’re not ready for or that doesn’t serve your greater good, you won’t get much. Same goes with psychic readings. A psychic is only going to be allowed access to as much information as will serve your greater good, and it’s important to keep that in mind as you receive readings that you may feel are vague or confusing – it may be that you’re only allowed to see a small piece of that puzzle because it’s something you need to learn on your own or is still a vital part of what you are currently experiencing.



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