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Jun 11, 2015 | Conscious living, Energy, Home, Spirit

Not to be confused with MySpace 🙂


June 25th will be the 1 year anniversary of In My Sacred Space’s first post!

I’m 93 likes away from 1,000 fans, and just 10 subscribers away from 200. I would LOVE to hit both of those goals by the time my blog birthday rolls around.

If you’re a fan of my page and you haven’t subscribed yet, consider doing so. For everyone who subscribes between now and June 25th, I’ll give you a FREE one question/one card Tarot reading. Subscribe at the end of this post! 

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Now, back to regularly scheduled programming…


As you know, I’ve been crazy busy with moving and now, most recently, renovating. My mom is up here for the week and we’re painting like mad.

I discovered that there was some unfortunate history attached to my new house. The previous owner was a single woman, and as it turns out, her husband took his own life about a year and a half ago (though it occurred in one of the other houses they owned, not this one). It appears that her first husband was murdered as well, and she and the second husband had somewhat of a rocky relationship. The information – supplied by a new neighbor – was that they’d split up and gotten back together a couple of times before husband number 2 died.

Given the amount of grief and heavy energy that the people living here must have been carrying around, I decided it was probably a good idea to clear the air with a little sage. Even if you aren’t necessarily looking to clear negative energy,  saging/smudging can still be a good way to claim your space and set intentions.

Obviously, renovating and redecorating is another way of claiming a space and making it yours and even rearranging furniture that’s been in place for a while can loosen up a little stagnant energy.

That being the case, I’m in the process of claiming mine.  Take a look at the progress!


Our master bedroom was very 90s. The gold walls and dark carpet were prevalent all over the house, along with heavy curtains that blocked out most of the light and what wasn’t was quickly soaked up by all of the dark colors.

I wanted LIGHT. So I picked colors that would reflect lots of it and lighten up most of the rooms. We haven’t been able to replace the emerald green carpet just yet, but painting is moving along quickly.

Master Bedroom
I also decided to stencil a couple of accent walls on either side of the fireplace, and while I love the end result, stenciling was a pain in the ass. Next time I’m just going with wallpaper…


Several hours later – still stenciling, and still another wall to go. Ugh.



It looks fabulous, though!


The Basement Brought To Life
Our old house didn’t have a finished basement and basically served as a giant storage room for all the things that we didn’t have room for. Patio furniture that we didn’t have a patio for, my backyard fish sculpture that had no home, my makeshift craft room that felt more like a dungeon.

Our new house has a home for all of these things!

Karl the koi fish finally has a home.


My craft room is actually IN a room now…



And finally, my favorite place in the whole house – kinda, sorta the reason I wanted to buy it…



It really wasn’t bad before, at all, but – I still had to make it mine. 🙂


There’s still quite a bit of work to do. I want to paint some grey block stripes at the bottom of those curtains, stain the deck something less Oompa Loompa, and I still have several rooms to go, not to mention the complete first floor gut and kitchen renovation. But it’s exciting and fun and new! And it is drawing my attention back to the original theme of this blog, which was intuitive lifestyle and incorporating spirituality into your daily life.









  1. It’s absolute gorgeous, Ash! Love it! You have a great eye for interior (and exterior) decorating. That covered deck is amazing. Actually, back in my day we’d call it a sun porch or something like that. I can well understand your satisfaction and pleasure whenever you complete an area. It also brings a happier energy to the home, but I think you mentioned something to that effect. I have been painting our old mobile home up here in the Mid-Hudson Valley of NY. It’s really slow going because I have chronic pain and fatigue, but I paint for about an hour at a time, then rest for a day. I completed our living room last year (or was it 2013?). Ha-ha! I said it was going slowly. But most exciting, I finished my office/studio a couple of months ago: limey green on two walls, cream on the outside wall and muted orange on one wall. I got two paisley stencils and now I have colorful paisleys all over one wall. Some new furniture with the old, plenty of storage cabinets and it’s like another room entirely! I feel so good when I come in here. Thank you for letting us inside your lovely home, Ash! Cheers! Judith

    • Thanks Judith!

      I actually really love painting. It’s almost meditative for me. My mom calls it paint therapy. lol

  2. I meant to say “It’s ABSOLUTELY gorgeous.” Not sure why my picture isn’t coming up b/c I signed in with my Google+ account. Maybe it will after you’ve approved my comment. 😉


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