I LOVE that home decor trends are heading down a very organic route. One of the biggest trends as part of this is using natural stones and crystals in your home decor. As many of us have known for a long time, crystals are awesome for a lot of different things, the least of which is the fact that they’re pretty. So it’s great that you can now find crystals and natural stones in all sorts of home decor and create ways to incorporate crystals into your home without displaying them as your rock collection ;).

1. Quartz Crystal Hanging Light Fixture.


2. Crystal and Natural Stone Drawer Pulls


3. Geode Book Ends.


4. Amethyst Concrete Countertop.


5. Calcite Table Lamp.


6. Agate Geode Slices.


7 & 8. Agate Slice Coasters and Quartz Crystal Point Lamp Base.


If you’re really into number seven but you’re not really interested in the $130 price tag, you can recreate them yourself for about $40 – at least I did.

I bought four agate slices on eBay for about $30, used some liquid gold leaf around the edges (purchased at Michael’s for $8) and then add some little clear rubber bumpers to the bottom. Voila:








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  1. Wow I am really impressed! Those are some great ideas to use crystals in our homes. The book ends look chic, I definitely want to try them! Keep it up with the great work!



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