Using Frequencies for Manifesting

Question from a reader:

“Do you think the people that upload frequencies to YouTube or music with frequencies (such as binaural beats) to manifest certain things is legit? And how do you know it’s manifesting the things they say it’s manifesting (like raising your vibration, for wealth, for healing, or decalcifying your pineal gland), and if it is legit, how do you know which ones are the legit ones? And should you protect yourself after listening to it, or is it all bullshit?”

TInteresting question! I don’t know how people could connect a specific vibrational frequency with a specific outcome in any other way than intuitively, and as with all information received intuitively, take it with a grain of salt.

I think the root of every manifestation is intention. So it seems to me that if they tell you it’s supposed to do a certain thing, and you believe that, then you will naturally create that outcome, although you could certainly do it without the tool they are suggesting you use.

Of course, there are a variety of things that can get in the way of that manifestation, such as personal blockages that, if not dealt with, with inhibit your ability to manifest anything – because, once again, it’s about intention and belief. And if you are holding limiting beliefs, subconsciously, (such as feelings of unworthiness, for example) it’s always going to get in the way of that.




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