Tumbled Crystals vs. Natural Crystals And How To Store Them

Question from a reader:

“Do tumbled/polished crystals have the same strength as raw/natural ones? Also, does it matter if you keep them in an enclosed container like a small box or should I place them in an open one like a tray?”

I think of crystals and stones much like I do tools, rituals, magick, etc.: they are as good as one’s belief and intention when working with them. Kind of like anything else, you have to believe in them in order to allow them to work, and they will work however you believe they should, or how you’ve been taught to believe they should.

Stones and crystals do hold their own specific vibration–everything does, and generally speaking those vibrations can be similar to certain emotional vibrations that humans give off which can be healing, but again, I think belief is an important factor, particularly given that crystals can (and should!) be programmed with specific intentions. How do you want your cyrstal to operate? Do you want it to push out energy? Pull in energy? Do you want it to help you heal a specific thing? Or help you manifest a specific thing? Intention is very powerful.

That being said, I would say that tumbled crystals vs. natural crystals–it doesn’t matter, on a surface level, what type of stone it is.

In my experience, both types of stones are equally as powerful, but their energies do have a different texture. A tumbled and polished stone, for example, emits a soft glow, whereas a natural pointed crystal directs all of its energy out of the point itself, like a magic wands. When it comes to raw clustered crystals, each individual point in the cluster emits a streamlined energy. So depending on what you want to use the crystal for, you may want to consider the directional energy it can produce.

I should also add that in my experience, size doesn’t even matter! One of the tiniest crystals I own packs the biggest punch.

I thought I’d ask another friend of mine, Tara from Crystalline Dreams, for her opinion since she works with crystals on a daily basis through her energy healing practice. Here’s what she said:

I think about it like I think about food. Some people prefer organic/raw, and some take whatever is available. I don’t think the vibration of a tumbled/polished stone is less than raw, but it might have additional/different energy when you first get it, depending on who tumbled it and the process used. But because crystals can be cleaned and charged, no, I don’t think there’s any real difference in strength between tumbled crystals vs. polished crystals.


For the crystals you’re not currently using, it’s really up to you. I have some in a briefcase type thing under my bed. My alter is full of dusty stones I’m not using right now either. The ones you are using, however, should be kept on or near you at all times, however you want to do that.

As for me, I like to keep my crystals out, just because they are sparkly and shiny and pretty!





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