Top 5 Posts About Relationships

Aug 19, 2015 | Mind, Personal Development, Relationships, Spirit

High Fidelity recently became available on Netflix. It’s one of my favorite movies (perhaps even in my top 5?). One of the recurring themes throughout the movie is that John Cusack’s character, Rob, is constantly discussing Top 5 lists.

It inspired me to start my own “Top 5” series. Today, I give you:

Top 5 Posts About Relationships


1. Three Ways to Cut the Cord on a Toxic Relationship

In reality, there’s really only one way to end a toxic relationship – LEAVE. But gathering the courage to do so can be difficult. You have to come to an understanding with yourself about what’s holding you there and in some ways, you have to put your own well-being above your significant other’s.

That’s tough to do in a culture that tells us true love means giving up everything you are for another person, but as the old saying goes, “How can you take care of another person if you can’t take care of yourself?”

Here are three things to help you gather the courage to put yourself first and walk away from a controlling or manipulative relationship.



2. How to Tell if Your Significant Other is a Narcissist

Actual narcissistic personality disorder is one of the most misunderstood disorders by the general public and often confused with simply being ego-centric, which is not considered a disorder.

A key differentiator between the two, in my opinion, is the ability to feel empathy. Someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) isn’t self-aware enough to understand that the version of themselves that they put forward is really an overcompensation for shame and low-self esteem. They see nothing wrong with their actions and can’t feel empathy for the people that they attack.



3 & 4. Let’s Talk About Sex Part 1 & 2

Sex is probably one of, if not the most misunderstood, taboo subjects on the planet in our current culture. So many people have shame and discomfort around sex, many of us aren’t even completely aware of it. The VAST majority of people still see sex as a form of ownership.

You see, you can never truly own the emotions of another person. You can’t stop them from loving another person. And in our society, our patriarchal notion of “love” is that we should reserve all of our deepest, most intimate love for a single person. If we discover that our significant other may love another, we automatically assume that means that they have taken their love away from us. But that’s the egoic notion of love, not TRUE love.



5. Soulmates

Some people say we each have a soulmate and they are “the one” for us. Other people say we have many soulmates, and still others say there is no such thing as a soulmate, for we are all soulmates. So who’s definition is correct?









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My first reaction to the reading was WOW. Your words captured a theme woven into my life right now. The reading has emboldened me to take back my power and inspired me to research some books, get back to meditating and provided a focus.


New York

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