Taking Back Control of Your Life

You are born into a world that tells you that everything exists outside of you except you and that everything that happens is a matter of cause and effect. You believe that you are reacting to things outside of you, things that are outside of your control. You are taught that when you get angry or sad or hurt, it’s someone else’s fault because someone did something to make you that way, it’s because of someone else’s actions – cause and effect, action and reaction.

From the moment you are born, this reality is forced upon your and then reinforced, over and over, conditioning you to believe in it.

What if I told you that everything you think you know about the nature of your existence is completely inside out and backward?

Spirituality teaches us that we are creating ALL of this, we are simply unaware of it. So instead of consciously creating our lives in the way that we would like them to be, our reactions, which have become conditioned responses to outside stimuli – are what is doing the creating. Continuing the illusion that we are not in control.

In order to take back that control, it requires a few things:

1) Accepting responsibility for all of the things that have already happened since you were old enough to make your own choices, and seeing how your conditioned reactions, unchecked, helped create those experiences.

2) Becoming AWARE of those conditioned responses and reactions. Once you are aware of them, you can begin to observe them objectively instead of living inside them.

3) When you observe them objectively, you can more clearly find the root belief which is causing them, and you can work toward changing that belief.

Through this process, you become conscious of yourself. You become aware of yourself. You become aware that you ARE the creator.

As you peel back these layers of conditioned thinking, you are revealing more and more of what was already there. To you, this looks like learning lessons, but in reality, it is UNLEARNING your conditioned beliefs (most of which are based in fear, which is entirely illusory and lives in your head – that’s why we say there is nothing to fear but fear itself) and becoming more attuned with what was underneath all along – your true self, which IS your higher self.

Right now, when you go to create – you are filled with doubt and fear. Fear that what you wish to create won’t happen because of “this thing” that *might* happen and “that thing” that *might* happen, and “this thing” that *could* get in the way. But none of these fears are absolute! They haven’t even occurred! At this point, they live STRICTLY in your mind.

The key to creating what you desire is eliminating the fear that it won’t happen. Because your higher self KNOWS it is the creator and it doesn’t fear. Fears are rooted in the ego, which is a part of the human self. So when I say that you have to align yourself with your higher self, I mean that you have to tear down the ego and rebuild it in the image of the higher self.



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