Soul Names: What Your Name Means To You

Sep 3, 2015 | Energy, Guest Bloggers, Spirit

Today is my birthday so I’m taking the day off (from blogging at least) to enjoy dinner with the hubs. In my stead, I’m featuring another guest post from my friend Teresa about soul names, numerology, and what your soul name means to you!

Teresa is also one of my recommended psychics and healers that I have listed in the right hand column of my site. You can see the full list here.

What Your Soul Name Means to You

by Teresa Powers

You may have heard the idea that a soul chooses it’s name before birth, or you may wonder if parents have total free reign on what a child will be named. From the perspective of numerology, names have vibrations, so you might wonder how the name you choose for your child will affect that child’s life.

I have taught numerology classes and I personally incorporate numerology with the readings I provide clients because it helps me recognize their energy signature and vibration more clearly. It’s like knowing someone’s direct line and extension when calling their office versus knowing the main line to get you to the receptionist. Or knowing someone’s genetic coding versus simply their blood type.

Imagine the infinite ways we express ourselves and interpret our world around us. The way we interpret things are through symbols and senses. We do this ALL around us no matter what reality we are looking at (metaphysical, spiritual or tangible). Being in a tangible form or vessel of a human body, our brain is comfortable processing everything around us in a form that also feels “tangible” to us. We tend to see it in a scientific or mathematical way, even though we know everything is intangible energy.

Our souls are incredibly complex and beautiful frequencies of energy and vibration and how the hell can we try to identify one from the next? How can we to process and “see” energy? Not only experiencing it, but how can we have a way to communicate it?

That is where numbers and symbols come into play with determining what your soul name means.

Numbers are the most universal language and way that we as humans interpret the world around us and everything can be reduced to the language of numbers, which are simply a string of symbols that represent something.

Numbers are the most universal language and way that we as humans interpret the world around us and everything can be reduced to the language of numbers, which are simply a string of symbols that represent something.
When it comes to a name, we all know a name doesn’t define who we are. It doesn’t tell us that we are good or bad. It’s a label… a symbol to identify us from one another. We all know we can share the same birthday or the same name and be drastically different from one another.

I’ve had some clients where I would ask them about their pregnancy and would tell them about how their child was showing me some of the communication they would have with the mother previous to birth where the child was giving them a message and often times it’s related to what name they’d like. Sometimes the mom (client) will say,  “Oh my god! I haven’t told anyone about that!”

Some souls choose their name previous to entry into an incarnation and some don’t. Either way, everything is ok as they still have their immortal identity, a.k.a. a soul name.

Why would a soul want to come in with a name or a preferred name?

The reason is because they want to have a name that more clearly symbolizes and matches their Immortal signature, their soul’s energy signature, a.k.a. their soul name. The soul simply wanted to tell you how THEY wanted their signature and vibration expressed and interpreted.

So what about when WE picked the name? Is it wrong!?!

Now I don’t want anyone panicking thinking they misrepresented their child’s soul by picking the kids name out. It’s all good because the name picked was divinely orchestrated and will, in fact, match the energy signature quite well because often on a soul level we pick a name based on how WE interpret their energy signature. So you’re all good.

Just like with math, there are plenty of ways and combinations to get to the number 10. One isn’t any better or worse than the other.

In the case of the soul that chose their name previous to birth, they wanted to tell you what kind of a 10, or math equation they wanted to be to get to it – that’s what their soul name means.

So imagine everything we come into in an incarnation: name, birth date, location – Numerology numbers: Destiny, Life path, Soul, Personality, etc. –  as chunks of our Soul’s DNA structure and coding. Knowing one bit of information is like knowing a blood type. The more you dig in and look at all the chunks combined, it’s like looking at your genetic structure, your DNA coding.

Musically, it’s like having a symphony, which you can break down into different instruments each playing their own part to create the beautiful harmony as a whole. The concerto broken down into different stanzas, lines, chords, and notes. A painting broken down into different elements: foreground, background, shades, hues, tones – blends of colors: primary, secondary, tertiary –  all working together to create depth and the big picture of what we see on canvas and determining what your soul name means.

teresa-powersTeresa is an author, intuitive life coach, certified hypnotist and a top-rated St. Louis psychic-intuitive that utilizes various clairvoyant gifts and metaphysical knowledge to help people gain insight as to areas they may need to focus on in their lives, or situations where they’d like further insight. For more information about Teresa and her services, visit

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  1. Growing up in the Catholic Church, we had to choose a “confirmation name” when we confirmed our undying faith and dedication to the church at age 16. 😉

    We were told that our confirmation name was what we we be called in Heaven after we died, and we could not use our birth name.

    Lol. I always thought it was kind of funny.

    • lol So my confirmation name could be whatever I wanted? Like, I could be Ragnar the Conqueror?

  2. This is such an interesting topic. I have an unusual name that I really like. My name is Koren. I have yet to meet, in person, someone who spells and pronounces my name like me. ( My name rhymes with Loren). My folks found it in a baby name book. I love the fact that it is unique even though I have had to tell people all my life it isn’t “Karen”.

    Oddly enough, however, when I was about 9 yrs old, I had this feeling inside me that if my name wasn’t Koren it would be “Barb”. Not Barbra or Barbara, just Barb. I don’t hate the name but I’m not super crazy about it either. I just have always felt this way. I guess you could say it is just a “knowing”.

    I’m 48 and over my life I have asked friends and coworkers the question “If your name wasn’t what it was, what do you feel it would be?” It has created a lot of conversation. Some people have never thought about it. I guess I would ask, where did I get the name Barb from? Thanks!

    • I love your name! It’s so unique!

      Like Teresa said – there’s more than one possible name for you that reaches the same energetic requirements. So Barb may have just been another option for your soul.

  3. I like to think that choosing a name is more like finding the right one.

    With my first child I chose a name and simply stopped considering other options. A few weeks before he was born I got a sudden feeling that it was wrong and shortly after I came across his actual name. There was a strong feeling of rightness and I knew that was his name.

    My second child took some time to conceive. I felt she would be a girl so we picked out a name. After awhile I got a sense that the name was wrong so I picked another. And another. And another. There was never a true list except for one of names that weren’t right. I knew when we found the middle name. Then I knew when we were very very close with the first. The next month we conceived.

    I’ve told a few people that my daughter chose her name even though I realize this sounds foolish. Actually, I feel that both my children did but my daughter was much more adamant, refusing to even be here any other way.


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