Relationships: Law of Attraction in Action

I mentioned last week that I got my tattoo that I’d told you all about. Here’s the pics! It really wasn’t as painful as people make it out to be. The worst part was the moon, but still not all that bad.

Ash gets inked. #tattoo #myfirsttattoo #virgotattoo #virgo #virgoconstellation #bellerosetattooing

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If you’re not already, follow me on Instagram! Onto today’s post. It’s been a Law of Attraction couple of weeks around here with a guest post and now questions about how LOA operates in the day to day of our lives.

Question from a reader:

“Past 2-3 months I have been reading Abraham Hicks material, living their teachings to have a fun-based happy life and it seems to work. Long ago I had a keen desire to have a relationship, lover and yes he got into my experience and we had a lovely time but he refuses to acknowledge me and asks me to keep it to myself about our chats, texts and that we talk daily and all.

One day I went up and asked him why, to which he replied that he has a girlfriend already. So I quickly moved away and stopped chatting with him. Then another guy came in my life, we had a lovely time and then we had plans to go out on a date and the day before he said he has a girlfriend.

Why is that I am attracting or coming across such men? Is there something I am keeping active in my vibration that keeps me getting such men?”

From a Law of Attraction standpoint, it would seem that you do have some sort of deeply held belief that you haven’t yet acknowledged about yourself that is attracting these types of situations into your life.

Are you sure that you really want a relationship? Is there some sort of self-sabotaging idea that you have – perhaps that you’re not really ready for a relationship, or perhaps that a relationship is not your highest priority right now?

Perhaps it is a fear instead – that you are not deserving of a relationship or that it will somehow interfere with another aspect of your life?

Those are the kinds of passive beliefs that we hold deep within ourselves on a mostly subconscious level that create repeating patterns in our lives – even when we outwardly think or say that we want something – until we resolve the underlying conflicting belief.

Another option is that these weren’t brought into your life by Law of Attraction, but were rather a pre-planned interaction meant to fulfill a spiritual contract with a member of your soul group.

There’s an easy way to tell the difference between these two things, usually. If it’s a pre-planned life contract, you’ll typically only experience these things with one person rather than experiencing it as a repeating pattern throughout your life.

The trick here is, though, that that initial pre-planned interaction can many times become the catalyst that sets you up for those deep, underlying beliefs and set in motion the Law of Attraction and begin the pattern of attracting those things into your life until you complete the experience of transcending that belief.

We do this, of course, so that we may experience the full gamut of understanding around any given emotional concept.



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