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Recommended by In My Sacred Space
Here’s my list of recommended psychics, mediums, energy healers and other service providers. I’ve had readings and/or sessions from every single one of these ladies and they are phenomenal! All are available for readings in person or over the phone.

Prepping for your first reading? Take a look at these helpful posts to learn how to choose the right psychic for you, and how to prepare for a tarot reading.

Tarot, Psychic and Mediumship Readings

ME! Ash from In My Sacred Space

I specialize in personal development readings and dream interpretation. I can help you figure out what’s at the root of some of your greatest challenges in life and show you how those are affecting current personal situations and relationships, then give you advice and tips for working through and releasing those energies. You already know all of the answers, but sometimes you just need deeper insight.


Teresa Romana Powers

Teresa is a certified hypnotherapist, numerology expert, tarot reader and second generation psychic in St. Louis, Missouri. I recommend Teresa for anyone who is looking for guidance with regard to a current situation and how it’s affecting your life.


Jenn Furney

Jenn is a fantastic psychic in Ontario, Canada as well as gifted with healing touch. I also recommend her for cord cutting.


Jeannie Barnes

Jeannie is a gifted angelic channeler based out of Brighton, Colorado. If you’re looking to connect with guides or guardian angels, Jeannie is excellent.


Kaz Windness

Kaz is a clarivoyant, healer and psychic medium based in Colorado. Her reading specialties include life path, past life, contracts, cords and attachments, aura and energy field, ET origins and messages, fairy kingdom, identifying psychic gifts, guide identification, ancestral healing, mediumship, and heart-based mind/body/spirit healing.


Tobi Tichener

Tobi Titchener is a Medium, Intuitive and Soul Path Coach in Littleton, Colorado. She uses a combination of all of her psychic senses to communicate with her Guides, your Guides and people who have crossed over. Her passion is helping people heal from grief, getting in touch with their own inner-Spirit and helping them to hear their own inner-guidance.


Hand Analysis

Susan Hakiman

Susan is a certified Hand Analyst and Soul Art Guide. She uses these tools to uncover your Life Purpose and break through your blind spots. For an in-depth look at your personality, your lessons, your motivations and what your life’s purpose is, I highly recommend booking a session with Susan!


Akashic Record & Past Life Readings

Rhonda Leifheit

Rhonda has practiced and taught metaphysical principles since 1975 when she began her studies at the School of Metaphysics in Columbia, MO. Rhonda reads the Akashic Records (of past lives) and gives Health and Career Readings. She is certified in Hypnosis by the National Guild of Hypnotists and in Transformational Imagery by the Well-Being Center.


Astrology & Numerology

Susan Grace

Susan is a Writer, Astrologer, Empath, and Intuitive. Her work is dedicated to the call for the collective to usher in the end of suffering. She offers daily astrology energy reports and offers intuitive astrology readings.


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