When You Receive Psychic Visions That Seem Irrelevant

Question from a reader:

“Although it probably seems obtuse to write off some of the “predictions” that I have, I do find that I wonder about their value. I have to believe that when some of my “meaningless predictions” are realized (e.g., having visions of dating a dentist only to have a friend share a story later that morning about dating a dentist) that it is really just to demonstrate that some of my overarching, bigger picture visions are accurate. What feedback do you have? Are “meaningless” visions simply a means to validate that we are on the right path?”

I think there’s a couple of ways that you can look at this, and both may be accurate.

I’ve also had some visions and dreams about people that were incredibly accurate but seemingly had absolutely nothing to do with me. For example, I had a very brief conversation with an 18-year-old girl who had just joined a Facebook group that I was administrating. That night, I had a dream I was looking at a polaroid picture of someone (I can’t remember what they looked like or even if it was a man or a woman). You know how photographs sort of melt when you burn them? It was like that but without a flame… the polaroid sort of melted away from the center of the person’s face, revealing another face beneath it – and it was the girl I had talked to the day before.

I also got the impression that the other face was a person from medieval times… and for some reason I felt like it was connect to torture – like that person was responsible for torturing people or was the victim of torture, I’m not sure which, and I also felt that it was specifically connected to women somehow.

The next day I asked the girl if she knew anything about her past lives. She said she just had a past life regression the week prior and that it was a life in medieval times where she was raped repeatedly, leaving her terrified of men today for no reason.

I don’t know why I was shown that information. It was during a time when I was actively working toward developing my own abilities and as I’ve mentioned in some of my development posts, learning to trust yourself and the information you receive during that time is one of the most difficult things to do, so being able to have that kind of validation is a great confidence booster.

The other possibility is that she needed to hear it, for whatever reason, and I was just used as a means to pass along the message.

I think both of those possibilities are really more about the meaning we, as individuals, assign to the things that we see. The reality of the situation is that we are swimming in intelligent energy all day every day. That energy carries within it an abundance of information, just like the data in a computer. What we see depends on our ability to tap into that energy and read it.

We can gather an abundance of it at any given time, it’s simply a matter of where our focus lies. And that focus can be a conscious focus or an unconscious one. It could just be that you are particularly apt at receiving data around you.

I know that some people don’t have any issues with “making” their abilities happen – they are turned on 24/7 and they will get bits and pieces of things like that from just about every person they talk to or come in contact with. And with others, who are less open, it comes for infrequently.



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