Rocking the Boat: Radical Spirituality

Jan 11, 2016 | Mind, Philosophy, Spirit

My last blog post, Why I Never Was a Lightworker, seemed to ruffle a few feathers. I confess, it’s been my goal for quite some time now to make it a point to ruffle feathers with much of what I post. If I’m not ruffling feathers or at least making your brain hurt, it means I’m not challenging you enough to push forward and grow.

It’s often the concepts that we feel the greatest resistance to which provides us the greatest opportunity to learn.

“In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, performs an action that is contradictory to one or more beliefs, ideas or values, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.

Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. An individual who experiences inconsistency (dissonance) tends to become psychologically uncomfortable, and is motivated to try to reduce this dissonance—as well as actively avoid situations and information likely to increase it.”

Everything I write, I relate back to the principle foundational beliefs in my personal philosophy – which I believe to be aligned the foundational philosophy of spirituality.

Those (not always popular) beliefs are:

1. Love is all there is. Fear is illusory. A byproduct of the amnesia you experience when you incarnate. Duality is a result of this illusion.

2. We are one (nonduality). Everything and everyone is an aspect of the whole. Including you.

3. Thoughts/beliefs are creative. Like energy attracts like energy.

While these three principles seem to be universally agreed upon by most major spiritual philosophers and followers, I’m frequently surprised by how many spiritual beliefs are floating around out there that are in contradiction to them, and are basically considered to be traditionally accepted notions of spirituality.

I suppose I shouldn’t be. The process of enlightenment begins with holding all sorts of beliefs and misconceptions based on the dualistic version of reality, and then we begin to slowly peel them away until we get down to the core truths. Most of the things we believe in between are somewhat distorted and that’s typically where these contradictory beliefs occur – where one has accepted the basic tenets of spirituality but has not yet shed all of their preconceived beliefs based in duality.

I want to challenge those ideas and concepts of spirituality… ESPECIALLY the dualistic ones, because if a belief is based in duality and cannot be related back to the concept that love is ALL there is, it is based on the illusion. And the illusion is what we are attempting to rise above at this very moment.

I want to rock the boat.

Someone recently commented on a post on my Facebook page claiming that the use of the word “asshole” was too controversial for a great spiritual leader such as Buddha, Jesus, etc. to use because it would deter some of his audience.

Jesus’ teachings were rather controversial for his time. His gospel was not popular. Why do you think he was crucified? Because what he said was in stark contradiction to what the popular belief was at the time. He was sentenced to death as a heretic. He rocked the boat. Hard.


If you find yourself agreeing with those three points above, here’s a few blog posts that might give you a little case of cognitive dissonance…and if any of them do, it might be time to iron out the kinks in your belief system.








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My first reaction to the reading was WOW. Your words captured a theme woven into my life right now. The reading has emboldened me to take back my power and inspired me to research some books, get back to meditating and provided a focus.


New York

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