Psychic Interview with Tara Olowoye

Mar 3, 2017 | Energy, Healing, Psychic Stuff, Spirit

Today I continue my monthly series where I interview various psychics and healers and get their perspective about their gifts and advice to others out there looking to develop their abilities with Tara Olowoye, a recent transplant to Watford,UK from Washington, D.C.

Interview with Tara Olowoye

Energy Healer & Crystal Fanatic

Give us a little bit of your background.

Born and raised in the Deep South (USA), I always felt a bit different from everyone around me. I lost myself in education as an escape, even completing four years of a Ph.D. program before accepting academia was not for me. Over the next few years, I worked with refugee women and then in non-profit work, moving to Washington, D.C., where my spiritual and healing work really took off. I completed a certificate program in Intuitive Wellness in 2013. After a long sojourn in the US, my husband moved us back to his home in the UK last year (2016). I now live a fully engaged spiritual life and have found many ways to expand now that I’m settled in the UK.


How long have you been practicing energy healing?

Consciously? About five years. Probably longer than that in actuality.


When did you first realize you had the ability to heal?

The morning after…I had an experience. A visitation. A burning bush moment (and it was more thorns than roses). The next day, I was walking down M Street NW in Washington, DC, on my way to work, and I’d see/sense someone coming near, either walking towards or behind me, and I’d feel this heat sensation from the top of my head down through my hands and out. Having had the experience of breastfeeding, the best way to describe it is when a new mother hears a baby–any baby–cry and her milk starts flowing. It was that way with Reiki. The experience I’d had made me a Reiki Master, and I’d never even heard of Reiki until the week before.


What types of healing do you do?

To be clear, I facilitate my clients’ healing; I do not heal them. At the moment, I use two methods primarily: crystal healing and what’s traditionally called past life regression (I’ll come back to that, promise). In crystal healing, I use crystals and Reiki to work with my clients’ intentions. Sometimes I choose the crystals intuitively, sometimes I ask them to choose their own crystals–particularly if I receive the message that they need to take control of their own healing.

I *love* doing what’s traditionally called past life regression. Why do I say the name is traditional? Because of the results my clients have gotten from those sessions, they mostly have not encountered past lives. They’ve encountered other lives, possibly future, possibly alternate reality, and sometimes past, but not always past. I’m actually seriously considering changing the “regression” label on my website to “soul journey” (or something like that). Now, why do I love these types of sessions? Because I love asking questions (go ask my mother!) and I love my clients accessing their own answers. I much prefer being a facilitator than an omniscient information giver.

Over time, I foresee adding other forms of healing. I will infuse homemade products with healing, as well as maybe open some sort of healing center. Stay tuned to find out where this adventure goes!


What is your process like for healing?

I set intentions as they guide me through the healing. I ask for help from my team, especially my galactic team. In a session, I move intuitively with the crystals and my client’s body. Sometimes I feel something going on in a particular area, sometimes I can see it. Mostly I feel, like the time when my client’s deceased parent came in with “I love you I love you I love you” many times over. At the end of the crystal work, I always discuss with my clients what sort of information came up, and how they can continue the work after our session.


How do you typically prepare for a session?

It’s a bit of a process, and depending on how much time I have, it can take five minutes (closer to the norm) or two hours (sweet luxury!). First, I cleanse…that can mean washing my hands, burning some sage (depending on the circumstances) or lighting a candle, drinking a little water, preparing a cup of hot tea, maybe even taking a shower. Then, I meditate specifically on my client. I call in all of my guides, ascended masters and healers, as well as all those of my client. For a crystal healing session, I check in with my stock of crystals to see who wants to work with my client. And finally, I set two intentions: that my facilitation of healing will serve the highest good and that my client’s intentions will be met.


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What’s the craziest experience you’ve ever had during a session?

It seems like every session produces a crazy experience of some sort! In the early days when I was figuring out the Reiki thing, I practiced on a friend at work. Because we were in an office, she laid on the floor, and during the session she felt like she was spinning horizontally in circles. That surprised us both! In crystal healing sessions, my clients often have surprising physical sensations, whether it’s waves of warmth or tingles in various body parts. The regressions tend to produce even crazier experiences–there is literally no way to tell what will come up. I was the most surprised in a session where my client saw a ship…for some reason I was thinking, “Okay, a Viking ship.” Then she began to describe it, and I realized really fast she was talking about a spaceship. My eyebrows went up so high I’m surprised they stayed on my head!


What advice would you give to someone who is new to their healing practice?

Keep going. Healing is beautiful. Messy. Hard. Surprising. Bumpy. And, it happens in every moment of every day. So if you continue to revisit an issue over and over, you’re healing new aspects of it…you will one day be able to fully let it go–believe me, I’ve been there, done that, shed the tears! Always choose love, be grateful for all of your experiences, and keep going.


What advice would you give someone who is attempting to further their abilities?

Focus first on healing yourself (go within) and on being of service to the universe. Be thankful for where you are in the now moment. And relax. The abilities will come as you are ready for them (or as a kick in the backside, as Reiki did for me), not through force.


What piece of advice would you give someone who is thinking about trying out their first healing session?

Set your intention(s) for your session. Be open to receive and to new experiences. Treat yourself gently and with love.


What’s the best advice you ever got from spirit?

For reasons I don’t know (and I’m okay with not knowing), I don’t “hear” spirit the way most psychics/mediums do at will (when I do, it’s completely random or in a session). I receive messages through music (they really like waking me up….the other morning it was Lionel Richie and trumpets….really loud!) and signs and synchronicities. Most of what I receive is “You’re okay, you’re on the right path, we are with you always and always.” I’m good with that. And so very grateful.

Visit Tara’s website to learn more about what she does.


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My first reaction to the reading was WOW. Your words captured a theme woven into my life right now. The reading has emboldened me to take back my power and inspired me to research some books, get back to meditating and provided a focus.


New York

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