Psychic Interview With Astrologer Susan Grace

May 31, 2017 | Astrology, Psychic Stuff

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here. If you didn’t notice, I launched not one, but two free ebooks for your enjoyment:

How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides In Your Dreams and How To Connect With Your Past Lives In Your Dreams.

In addition to those, I also published a brand new shop page which I hope you’ll check out, and of course, I launched my online dream interpretation course, which I’m going to be talking about in my interview on The Big Seance Podcast tomorrow! I’ll send out an email to everyone so you can catch the episode and I’ll be sharing it via social media, so be sure to check it out.

In the meantime, I’m very excited to share this one-on-one interview with with my friend Susan Grace from Dallas, Texas, whom I’ve been acquainted with for about five years now. Susan and I, along with many of the other people I’ve featured in these interviews including Tobi Tichener, Kate Sitka, and Tara Olowoye were all members of a Facebook group I created a few years back for another blogger. Since then, so many in that group have branched out and become very successful healers and intuitives, and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to introduce you all to each and every one of them! That being said, today it’s all about Susan and the very unique way she interprets the Astro.

Interview with Susan Grace

Empathic Astrologer

How long have you been practicing psychic readings?

I’ve been doing empathic astrology readings for three years now. I didn’t find this practice. It found me.

There was a time when I was having a “dark night of the soul”. I climbed my way out of a deep dark well I had fallen into by feeling my way through astrology and listening to the whispering guidance from souls beyond the veil.

That experience fundamentally changed me and my view of life. And it led me to connecting with people – and their charts – from all over the world.


When did you first realize you had psychic abilities?

Oh, always. I feel everything, all the time. I’ve been this way since I was little. It has felt isolating most of my life because it’s hard to explain and you know you’re different – that most people wouldn’t understand no matter how you describe it. I’ve felt more at peace with it in recent years as I’ve connected with more and more people who have “the gift”. We’re all a little crazy together.

What are your clairs?

Clairvoyance (I see whole scenarios play out in an instant. Doesn’t matter if I know the person or not. It’s an instant download.)

Clairaudience (I hear voices, mostly. Sometimes, there’s a massive amount of whispers. Sometimes, it’s a crystal clear singular voice that sounds like it’s right next to my ear or in front of my face.)

Clairscent (If I’m talking with someone long enough, I can smell their skin or what they’re eating while they’re in a another state or country.)

Clairempathy (I feel the pain and joy of the world. This one blows me out when something jarring happens within the collective.)

Channel (I get messages in readings from guides that they aren’t able to get through to their humans.)


How do you experience each clair?

Most of the time, it’s a conveyance of energy that I receive and have to translate into language. Except sounds and smells – those come through as direct sensories.


What type of readings do you do?

I read natal astrology charts. That can be one reading or a “tune up”/follow up reading. I also do four week intensives where we dig into the progressed and draconic/soul charts and I coach people through their healing.


Tools or no tools?

Astrology is the only tool I use. I need to be able to point to something specific to explain the energy people are navigating. I don’t trust my reading of other tools. I go to other types of practitioners for that.


What’s your process like for doing psychic readings? How does information come to you?

I open charts the exact same way every time to give all guides the heads up that “Hey, we’re getting started.” Sometimes, really strong guides won’t even wait. They’ll be pushing on me 24 – 48 hours before we start. I have to tell them to back up.


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How do you typically prepare for a reading?

I sit in the shower before each round of readings and chant. I use the Ho’oponopono and and the Lotus Sutra to clear my energy.


What’s the craziest psychic experience you’ve ever had?

About a year ago, I woke up from sleeping and heard on long note of a full orchestra in my room. Went back to sleep, woke up again and heard the roar of a crowd, as if there were a packed football stadium outside my window (there isn’t one). Went back to sleep, woke up again and heard what sounded like people running on the other side of my bedroom wall. Went back to sleep, woke up right before dawn and felt the presence of a little girl in a white lace dress with sandy hair right in front of my face saying “Please help me. Please help me. Please help me…” That’s the world I live in. It’s super weird.


What piece of advice would you give to someone who is new to giving psychic readings?

Trust yourself. The fraud police aren’t coming. And you don’t need to chase clients down. Just be a beacon and they will find you.


What piece of advice would you give to someone who is attempting to further develop their intuition?

Listen for the subtleties. Listen for the whispers. It’s not obvious at first because your mind wants to argue against it. Trust that if you feel it, there’s truth to it. And always self-protect. No energy is allowed to cling to you without your permission.


What piece of advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting their first psychic reading?

Choose a practitioner you trust, not just anyone. If you trust them, then be willing to open up. No closing off and seeing if they can break down your walls. If you lead with walls, you’re either not ready or you don’t trust the practitioner enough. Trust yourself here, too. Anything that’s meant for you will not have to be forced.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from spirit?

You are not forgotten. You are supported, far more than you realize.

Visit Susan’s website to learn more about what she does.

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  1. Susan is truly one of a kind and one of the best. A reading with her will change your life!


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My first reaction to the reading was WOW. Your words captured a theme woven into my life right now. The reading has emboldened me to take back my power and inspired me to research some books, get back to meditating and provided a focus.


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