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Jan 2, 2017 | Psychic Stuff, Spirit

To kickoff 2017, I wanted to start collaborating more with psychics and healers and as part of that, I decided to do a series of interviews. Once a month, I’ll be posting a Q&A with a handful of energy medicine practitioners and psychic intuitives, asking all sorts of questions.

I’ll be kicking off today by introducing you to Kate Sitka – animal communicator, spirit medium, blogger, and podcaster from Tofino, British Columbia, Canada.

Interview with Kate Sitka

Animal Communicator, Spirit Medium


How long have you been practicing psychic readings?

Since 2012.


When did you first realize you had psychic abilities?

When I was around 6 years old.


What are your clairs?

Mostly visual and knowledge dumps, some audio, some physical sensory.


How do you experience each clair?

Visual is usually within mind’s eye, but sometimes physically visual – same with audio. With knowledge dump, it’s often a concept where it takes a few moments to translate it into words with my own brain. Physical sensory is experienced as though I am the animal/human who experiences it.


What type of readings do you do?

Animal communication and mediumship.


Tools or no tools?

Not generally. My mother taught me to use her tarot cards and I used them into my late 20s. I find them more useful in working with timelines rather than mediumship. For mediumship (animal or human) I prefer direct contact.


What’s your process like for doing psychic readings? How does information come to you?

Shifting my own thoughts aside to create a space for the animal/human to communicate, and to avoid mixing my own thoughts with the message. A similar exercise to zen meditation.


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How do you typically prepare for a reading?

I avoid stimulating substances (caffiene, sugar, chocolate) until after sessions, ensure I’ve eaten a good breakfast which includes protein to keep my body happy, take 10 – 60 minutes of meditation, gentle stretching, and somatic breathing to prepare before my first session. I typically drink 1L of water every couple of hours while I’m working (thirst is a side effect for me.)


What’s the craziest psychic experience you’ve ever had?

When I get really neat confirmations during sessions. One of my favorites was when a client’s friend in spirit showed me a pan of brownies in the client’s freezer and said to him, “You like to party! I love it!!!” and the client burst out laughing because he had a pan of pot brownies in the freezer! This client is a clean-cut professional and *not* someone you’d ever expect would have pot brownies in his freezer! He’d started experimenting recently.


What piece of advice would you give to someone who is new to giving psychic readings?

Be calm and grounded in energy and in reality, be kind and non-judgmental, practice good psychic hygiene (cleanse, clear, protect), always ensure you’re helping, have a code of ethics and continue to be ethically aware, be open-minded, be humble, question what is generally accepted, take personal responsibility for what you say.


What piece of advice would you give to someone who is attempting to further develop their intuition?

Practice grounding, understand your body is an instrument, practice self-control, practice compassion, engage with all levels of reality from the spiritual to the scientific.


What piece of advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting their first psychic reading?

Take 5 minutes to write down the questions you would like to ask, think about who you may want to ask, and ask these questions out loud ahead of time in case the person or animal you want to speak with needs time to think about their answer. This also sets up potential points of confirmation for you as sometimes the spirit or pet starts talking and answering the questions before you have a chance to ask them! This builds your confidence in your medium and the process.

Avoid getting attached to “passwords”, be open to a variety of confirmations. If you are deeply grieving, consider waiting until the pain of the grief is beginning to heal before booking your session. Conversations with deceased loved ones are much more enjoyable and more information comes through after you have had a chance to heal and process loss.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from spirit?

Our consciousness goes on, and the love we have for each other endures. Knowing this helps me every day when I make decisions about what is important to me and my family, and how/why I contribute to my community. What matters the most in life is that we do what we can, with what we’re given, that we should always work to be better, but also be kind. We should always help each other, and we’re given endless opportunities to help and affect other people in our small circles. We can’t possibly know the impact and importance of our own life until after we have finished it, and we get to watch those effects ripple out in heaven.

Visit Kate’s website to learn more about what she does.


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