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I‘ve been here over a week now. I still feel like I could sleep for eternity. I guess all of the stress and anxiety of the last six months is starting to lift and my body wants to recover. Or it could be the fact that I now walk about quadruple the distance that I normally do and I’m just adjusting. I see people running on the sidewalk and think, “Why? Don’t you already walk everywhere anyway?” lol

So far this week I’ve had drinks with an acquaintance who also moved here from St. Louis, and attended a networking event in the city with other female entrepreneurs. I felt like an adult riding the subway all by myself, even if I did have some guy’s crotch shoved in my face for 16 blocks. He was so enthralled with the book he was reading over me that he didn’t notice me take a picture (real photo, no zoom. People of the subway…. be careful what you do. It may end up on the internet…).

I met some great people at the event. I hope some of them can turn into business partnerships and friendships.

When I talk about spirituality in public or with a stranger, I always hope that they’ll be curious and ask me more questions. I want the layperson to gain a better understanding of what all of this is and how it works to bring it more into the mainstream. Unfortunately, back in the midwest, that rarely happened. But last night was different. It was fun and refreshing to be able to talk about not only my marketing business, but also my spiritual stuff in a group setting without having anybody look at me like I have two heads or getting uncomfortable and changing the subject (which happened a lot in St. Louis).

I did find it interesting that I told one person that I did psychic readings and she said, ‘Oh, I haven’t heard anybody refer to it as that in a long time. Most people call it intuitive.” Yes, they’re trying to take some of the woo off the top to make you more comfortable with it. I’m not here to make you comfortable, and as you can see, I’m also not dressed in gypsy fortune teller drag, so there you go. Stereotype busted.

I’m still continually impressed with how great New Yorkers are (generally speaking). I know that goes against a stereotype in and of itself, but seriously. I sat down on a bench near central park next to a guy smoking a cigar and he turned and asked me, “This won’t bother you?”  Heck no. I wouldn’t have sat next to you if it did. Thanks for checking, though.

Walking through Hoboken at night reminds me of walking across my college campus. People out everywhere, doing things, everything is clean, and there’s a general feeling of total safety. You can’t do that in downtown St. Louis.

Many of my neighbors have gone out of their way to say hello and introduce themselves. Also something that didn’t happen often in STL (at least not until we moved to the last house/neighborhood I lived in). In case you missed it, I posted a virtual tour of my new digs in my Facebook group. Join to check it out.

I still don’t know what life looks like tomorrow, or the day after, or next week, or next month. The one thing I had planned has passed. Now what? It’s a strange feeling, living in the moment like this. I almost don’t know what to do with it.

If you want to give me something to do, or something to look forward to – book a reading with me. I’m ready to get back in my groove, doing something that brings me joy. Maybe we can figure out how to bring you a little joy, too.




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  1. I can only imagine how tired you are! Great blog entry though, I loved reading your story about the Subway ride with the perv who was inconspicuously trying to get your attention most likely! And I love that you’re attending those networking events, I would go to as many as you can. Your new space looks amazing as well and I hope that everything is better than you even expected! I look forward to reading future entries. ☺

  2. I arrived today at your post via a link in my email. Ash at in My Sacred Space…Psychic in the City . When I clicked the link… IT did not “CLICK” in my mind as to who you are. Upon having read the post, I thought, I love this straight shooting woman. LOL.
    I get to the bottom and BAMM… “Ash”, this is the Ash who interviewed our mutal friend, Slade Roberson. 🙂

    PS….. this line had me rolling in laughter… “I’m also not dressed in gypsy fortune teller drag, so there you go. Stereotype busted.”

    • The one and only 😉


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