A New Year, A New You

Back when I was living in St. Louis and working a full time job for a local fashion tech startup, my coworkers had a running joke about “A new year, a new you” being the most generic and cliche blog title for a New Year’s Eve post, but ironically it’s entirely accurate for me this year.

I’ve been on hiatus for a few weeks now and it’s quite possible that I will remain fairly low key through the first few months of the coming year. It takes a while to decompress from the couple of years I’ve had. My New Year’s Eve post from 2015 was ominous. That theme continued right through 2017.

Rereading my New Year’s Eve post from 2016, it was very upbeat. I’d made some life altering decisions about things I wanted to manifest in the coming years. I had no idea those things would change the course of my life in as little as a month and a half. Moving to New York wasn’t even on my radar at that point. My, how quickly life can change.

A lot has happened in my life since I embraced my own spirituality in 2011. Everything that’s happened since has been building up to this moment. Every challenge, every heartbreak has made me who I am now. It’s cleared everything away and made me a blank slate. What 2018 has in store, I’m not sure. There’s not much left of the old me to be shed. I can only hope that these last six years of hard internal work has bought me at least a short reprieve and a chance at peace and true happiness. Good things have been promised, I’ve just been making room for them to land.

I’m still on a reading hiatus. My energy isn’t there yet. I’m honestly not even sure if doing individual readings for people is really where I’m supposed to be. I don’t know where, exactly, I’m supposed to be yet with regard to how I’m working with people on a mass scale. I’m hoping that starts to unfold in 2018 as well. It’s funny how you can plan and plan, but if the universe has other ideas, the planning is really just wasted energy.

I suppose building this platform hasn’t been wasted energy, though. It’s been a wonderful passion for the last three years. I hope that it’s touched your life, because that makes it all worth while.




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