Love & Purpose In The New Paradigm And What It Means For You

Yesterday was a very special day–it was my three year blog anniversary! It seems like I’ve been doing this a whole lot longer. IMSS start on June 25th, 2014 as a lifestyle blog with the intention of becoming an online lifestyle magazine with multiple contributors, but the universe had other plans, it seems. Instead of focusing on lifestyle, I stayed put in the spiritual.

To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to do something new! I mentioned on social media last week that my friend Susan and I were cooking up something special for you, and here it is! Susan and I hopped on a call last Friday to chat about some of the things she and I have both been talking about for quite some time and how they’re affecting you all right now.

For those that don’t know, Susan is an empathic astrologer and she’s appeared on my blog before. Fun side story for Susan’s crowd–I asked her to be In My Sacred Space’s resident astrologer a few years ago shortly after I began my blog and she turned me down to do her own thing, which has obviously worked out well. 🙂 I am ecstatic that we’re still able to collaborate on great things, however, so I’m going to give you a bit of background on what we’re talking about today:

I first began intuitively picking up on what was being called “The New Paradigm” back in 2014, before I ever even began this blog. The first time I heard the phrase was from one of my guides about shifting away from a reality built upon fear-based, dualistic perspectives and values to a more heart-led existence based in unity. He said:

Humanity has lived from fear long enough. It’s time to shift the paradigm and understand that the things in the world around you only have power over you if you allow them. Being afraid of these things is putting yourself in agreement with powerlessness. There is nothing to fear. Love is the greatest power there is and that is within you, always, even when you refuse to acknowledge it.


The way to release fear and step into your power is to begin to understand the way you are creating and participating in your experiences. It means accepting responsibility for your thoughts and feelings and how that energy plays a part in your every day life. An important part of this is dispelling common myths and misunderstandings that no longer fit within the new paradigm.

The “new paradigm” he is speaking of is the shift, ascension, conscious evolution, etc. In that particular instance, he was talking specifically about moving away from dualistic, superstitious and fear-based beliefs about the supernatural, but there’s more to the new paradigm than that. It also applies to fear-based thinking and control mechanisms like conspiracy theories and oppressive social attitudes like racism, bigotry, and patriarchy.

The New Paradigm is a 360 degree overhaul of our core beliefs and identity. The values and beliefs that once drove our behaviors and created our social structures are going to change. They’re being dismantled as we speak.

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The old paradigm is rooted in fear and navigated with the logical mind instead of the heart. Feminine energy is suppressed in favor of a disproportionate, unbalanced masculinity that promotes patriarchy, and everything that has existed in the world for thousands of years is a manifestation of that.

The New Paradigm is rooted in love and navigated with the heart, and it is upon us. I mean it–we’re are on the cusp, standing at the edge of oblivion and peering into the darkness wondering what’s on the other side and we’re terrified, because darkness is all we’ve ever known. But some of us have to have the strength and the faith to make the leap so everyone else can follow.

Symptoms of The Dismantling

The place where many of you are in your lives right now is where a lot of people are. They’re not quite fulfilled with what has been and they’re looking for what’s missing. This is happening to a lot of people all over the world at this moment as we evolve away from a consumerist lifestyle to one that is heart-led on a global scale. This can manifest itself in your career or your personal life.

You’re going to start seeing and experiencing mass changes, particularly women because we’re more naturally in tune with the rising feminine, but also men who are evolving out of the old paradigm (by old paradigm I’m referring to patriarchy, social darwinism, hyper-masculinity, etc.). The overall energy of every person collectively feeds into an overall energy of earth itself, and it contains both masculine and feminine energy (much like the concept of yin and yang). But the feminine has been suppressed here for a very long time, and it’s slowly started to re-emerge over the last 100 years or so, but has only really been gaining momentum for the last 30-40.

There have been people over this time period who are on the fringe–at the front of the wave, so to speak, who have started to embody the new paradigm a little more quickly than the rest of the world. It’s been really hard for them, because what they’re doing is trailblazing: clearing the path for those behind them, creating a new template for existence. In a way, they’re making it safe for the rest of humanity to follow. It’s also incredibly difficult for those people because it’s like being on the front line of a battle field in some ways. They get the brunt of the resistance. You’ve seen this in so many social movements that have occurred over the last 100 years–civil rights, LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights; there’s a massive opposition at first. Patriarchy doesn’t go down without a fight.

As I mentioned earlier, women tend to be more connected to New Paradigm just because they typically have a stronger connection to global feminine energy, but every person has both masculine and feminine, it’s just a matter of whether or not its appropriately balanced.

When Purpose Calls

At this point in time, it’s starting to reach what you might call critical mass. Men with a more balanced energy are more connected to new paradigm thoughts/views/attitudes and so they’re going to experience transition first, before the others. If you’re a man and you’re reading this blog, this is where you most likely are in the scheme of things.

How that’s showing up in your life is the question of, “What really makes me happy? Why am I here? Where am I going?” You recognize that you do not resonate with what is considered normal right now, and you’re looking for what does. You’re looking for purpose. Life purpose. That may mean you’re giving up your job, or you’re giving up on a relationship–anything that doesn’t align with your true self and purpose.

Learn more about finding your life purpose.

It’s important to note that right now there is a massive call to purpose. It began in 2016 and will continue through the next few years. 2016 ripped away–sometimes in brutal fashion–illusions, people, relationships and other things that did not serve true purpose. This was to be a catalyst for growth. The things that were taken away were things that weren’t consciously chosen. They were things that were resultant from cultural conditioning (which comes from old paradigm). Once they are gone, you get to figure out who you really are, not what people and society told you that you should be. When you get to decide who you really are, you get to create your life instead of living a life that is thrust upon you by circumstance.

Now let’s talk about purpose: when people think of their life’s purpose or calling, they tend to think in specifics. “I was meant to be a lawyer” or “I was meant to be a doctor.” But we don’t define ourselves by our careers and our careers in and of themselves are not our purpose. Life purpose is a much broader thing. It’s more like a theme that you’re meant to embody. You can do a million different things – as a career, as a hobby, as a lifestyle – that fit within that theme and every single one of them will bring you joy because they all embody the ultimate purpose.

Remember what I said earlier about the people on the fringe creating new templates of existence? That’s part of their purpose. Their way of life is heart-led, instead of mind-led, which creates the opportunity for a new way of existence, and that is part of their purpose. One of them, on their own, will not change the world. But all of them together will, slowly, and then exponentially and more people join the movement.

Now you see where some of those more famous figures fit in with their life purpose: Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, etc. They helped usher in pieces of the movement and they did so in a very public way. But there are just as many who aren’t leading in such an obvious fashion. They’re just embodying the principles and that’s all they really need to do.

I spent half an hour last Friday chatting with empathic astrologer Susan Grace about the New Paradigm, what it means, and what it’s going to look like particularly as it relates to human relationships. I know a number of you are experiencing some major shifts in your personal lives this year, and I think you’ll find this information to be very interesting and applicable!


With Ash Riley & Susan Grace

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