What Does New Paradigm Look Like?

Well, I made it. I’ve been camping out in my apartment with nothing of mine but the two suitcases I flew in with since Monday because PODS refuses to deliver to my street, even though I have the appropriate permits. I’ve been battling it out with customer service for three days. I think I’ll finally get my things today, but it required me to hire a moving truck, have the POD delivered to them, unloaded onto one of their trucks, then brought to my apartment to be unloaded again.

Oh, and I sliced my fingers open with a kitchen knife and had to get stitches on Tuesday.

It’s been a rough start. I’m trying to stay positive. I’m also on stress overload. I’ll be really happy if I get to sleep in a bed tonight. On the upside, I finally have internet hooked up, although it doesn’t reach the back of the 900 sq ft apartment. Add it to the list of things that need to get fixed.

Lucky for you guys, I had about four blog posts written out before I left, so you still get content this week and next. 🙂

Question from a reader:

“I see a lot of writing and talking about higher vibes happening and I think many of us have this ideal concept of quiet time in nature, yoga, meditation, drumming, etc. Well, I am a little unsure how my like for somewhat violent movies falls into this concept! LOL

I love watching movies and I like the archetypes and genres but anything with violence doesn’t necessarily fit the concept of higher vibe. It’s just an example. I’m sure many people have their different voices for enjoyment that maybe don’t fit into the ideal high vibe set up. Things that some of us still like to do in our downtime after we’re exhausted from clearing our, and raising vibes.

I’m feeling like some of these things are touted, however, I also feel that if something makes someone happy or relaxed – what’s the harm? Yet again, “shadow viewing”, as I can call it, perhaps on one hand is possibly the balance with regards to light and shadow? On the other hand, perhaps “shadow viewing” puts us in a negative state or a fight or flight state which is not caring for loving for our body?

Hopefully you get what I’m trying to say. I’m just getting so damn tired of judging myself on this one issue.”

Same concept as I talked about on Monday. It’s our perceptions that are changing, as I discussed in this post about ascension. How we view the world. Instead of viewing something that most people perceive as “negative,” (how we label something is merely a projection of our own shadow, after all), you view it from a state of neutrality. It doesn’t have a negative effect on you because it’s already been integrated.


So no, violent movies don’t have to go away. What good would that do? If we haven’t integrated it and we try to push it away and hide it, that’s repression.

I think a lot of people have this notion that ascension = utopia. Maybe… after a couple thousand years. But certainly not any time soon. As I said in a pervious post, ascension isn’t going to change the world – it’s going to change YOU. 

Those things aren’t going to go away completely. They’re still catalysts for growth and we need them! Otherwise it sort of defeats our purpose for being here 😉

But we can and will learn how to stop perpetuating and exacerbating them. This allows us to be fully in control of our actions and reactions, and subsequently, fully in control of our evolution – a conscious evolution, instead of an unconscious one.



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