Manifesting Abundance

Question from a reader:

“Is it ok to ask your guides and angels for financial assistance?”

It’s ok to ask your guides and angels for anything. It doesn’t mean you’ll get what you ask for, but you can certainly ask. 🙂

Contrary to how some people portray them, your guides and angels are not Magic 8 Balls, nor are they genies tasked with granting wishes. They are here to help you carry out the life plan your higher self put together for this life and the goal is an expansion of spiritual awareness.

Perhaps a better request of your guides and angels would be to help you come to an understanding of the role that financial hardship is playing in your life (assuming that is the reason why you are asking for financial assistance).

The challenges we face are not simply for the purpose of overcoming them – they are meant to provide specific experiences and spiritual growth, and no amount of asking for assistance will get you out of financial hardship if the purpose of that hardship is to spur your growth – unless, of course, the lesson to learn is swallowing pride and asking for help. But, if that be the case, it’s not your guides who you’d be needing to ask.

There are two reasons we find ourselves in the situations we do. Either they are planned experiences, as I mentioned above, or they are created experiences brought about by law of attraction. Even if your situation is the latter, the same process applies.

One is only able to attract things through belief, and I’m not speaking of this in physical terms, such as delude yourself into believing you are a millionaire and you will be or believe that you have a Mercedes and you’ll end up with one. It’s more about an attitude.

If you have the attitude that you are not worthy of abundance, that life is always hard for you, that you are somehow lacking in your current financial state – if you view your situation negatively – that is what you will attract. 

However, if you have an attitude of abundance, you see that all of your needs are met, you are thankful for what you do have, you are generous within your means, and you are generally satisfied with what you have, even if it isn’t much – you can’t help but attract more of what you already have.

With my business, there are times when clients leave and I might be down a significant amount of monthly income. But instead of immediately beginning to worry about how I’m going to make up for that income and going out and frantically trying to find new business, I simply kick back and trust that the universe will bring me the next thing, and that it will be better than the last.

Sometimes I will meditate and focus on an intention of drawing to me the business I want, and then I just wait for it to happen.

When you think to yourself, “I need more money,” what you are doing is not asking the universe to bring you money – the universe gives you what you THINK. Your thought is that you need money (which is suggestive of the belief that you currently do not have money, or at least not enough money, which is a scarcity mentality), and so you will create the need of money – or perpetuate your lack of money.

Worry begets more worry. Need begets more need. Happiness begets more happiness. And abundance begets more abundance.

The phrase, “I am ___________.” is the most creative statement in the universe. Make sure that whatever you are filling in the black with is exactly what you intend to create. 





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