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Kinnected Living® identifies the not-so-obvious influences of your environment and making changes to improve your life.

Our environment is made of energy that interacts with our energy. We also create energy through our actions, thoughts and beliefs and they all have an influence on our lives. Kinnected Living is learning to identify and tweak our environment and even our perspective to better our lives.

Your Home’s Energy Blueprint

Just like you, a home has its own DNA that was developed during its construction period.

The overall energy pattern in the home directly influences the impact of the internal pattern and the effectiveness of any corrections. In fact, there are 216 possible blueprints, but they all fall into four types of home patterns that determine the strength or weakness in supporting health, relationships, finances. The following describes the four types is in order of Best (1) to worse (4).


1.An energy blueprint good for wealth and health of the occupants.
2. An energy blueprint good for health, but weak for wealth.
3. An energy blueprint good for wealth, but weak for health.
4. An energy blueprint weak for health and wealth.

Carol Baker

Feng Shui Consultant

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There are ways to balance the effects of each home listed above and is the most effective way to improve the energy pattern in the home. These corrections are all done with elements outside the home if they do not already exist.

Carol can help you improve the existing energy pattern of your current home, find out the energy blue print of a home you are considering buying, or help you plan the best layout for your new construction for optimal energy flow.

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