Kathryn E. May and the Dark Cell

Feb 24, 2015 | Question Submission, Spirit

Question from a reader:

“Have you heard of Kathryn E. May and her espousal of a “dark cell” which everyone who wanted to become incarnate had to sign before crossing over? It is supposed to have now caused roughly 1/3 of the universe essentially to go evil. The trouble is that this jives with creatures that according to “good ET’s” have exactly done and have been mentioned as protecting us. Apparently, according to Kay, it was implemented by Archangel Michael, Jesus and other ascended masters, but worked too well.  Why wouldn’t powers that high know this and the contradiction it could have caused? Through some honest physicists and Andromedans, Pleadians, they don’t know where the dark creatures come from but if the pact/dark secret is true, they will know soon.  Isn’t this God playing Russian roulette with the universe?  How does one trust Father Force?  That’s the scariest thing I ever said.”

To be perfectly honest, no, I hadn’t heard of her. So I looked her up. I’ll try to answer your question as best I can without having read her book, and it’s probably not going to be the answer you’re hoping for.

My initial impression after reading her home page:

“Dr. Kathryn has been asked by Spirit to serve as the official “Voice of Mother/Father God.” In this capacity she has transcribed frequent messages which have become the journal When God Pinched My Toe.  Sananda/Jesus has recently requested that Dr. Kathryn act as his scribe for The New Scriptures which are replacements for Jesus’ earlier messages which, over time, became adulterated.”

Why does God need an official voice when God can speak to whomever God chooses at any time? And furthermore, if everyone on earth is God made manifest, why does God need to choose a particular person to speak about itself, through itself, to itself?

There are an awful lot of people out there who claim to have allegedly been chosen to write “new scriptures,” which I think is awfully awkward considering Christianity is but one religion of many. I mean what about everybody else? What are they, chop liver?

I’ll be completely open about my biases. I have an aversion to anything that smells remotely fear-based. I read a few of her channellings and to be quite frank, it smells a lot like fear-based bullshit.

It is supposed to have now caused roughly 1/3 of the universe essentially to go evil…Why wouldn’t powers that high know this and the contradiction it could have caused? …Isn’t this God playing Russian Roulette with the universe?

God IS the universe. God is the 1/3 of the universe which has allegedly “gone evil” and the 2/3 that are allegedly not. Why would god play Russian Roulette with itself?

I don’t put much stock in a lot of channellings of this nature for a few simple reasons. We are taught by so many spiritual teachers that we are one. All in the universe is ONE. Duality is an illusion. So when I read these channellings from so-called higher beings that speak about battles between light and dark, that is contradictory to oneness. It comes from the perspective within the illusion, and therefore, can’t be so high a source as it claims to be.

Or otherwise, the channel is stuck in a dualistic mentality and is filtering the information through their own dualistic, fear-based belief system.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bliss ninny. I don’t try to block out all negativity and pretend it doesn’t exist, but I also understand that everything has its purpose and place within the universe. All beings are here doing exactly what we are here doing and all of us are simply co-creating this experience for that purpose – experience.

I believe that our beliefs create our reality, and if we believe we are in a battle, we’ll create that battle. If we believe there is evil out there to be fought, we’ll create it.

I’m reminded of an example I once saw about “Fighting for peace.” The entire notion of fighting for peace is a contradiction – peace is the opposite of fighting. You cannot create peace from war. War begets more war because it is based in fear. Peace begets more peace because it is based in love – you get back what you give. That’s the law of attraction. Like energy attracts like energy – negative energy cannot be in the presence of positive energy. They repel one another. There is no need to “fight” – simply being and living in a state of love is all the protection one needs. Or, as George Carlin says, “Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.”

“Why wouldn’t powers that high know this and the contradiction it could have caused?” Good question. Perhaps because it isn’t ultimately true. It’s just someone’s strange version of reality. That doesn’t mean you have to live in it.

I’ve written in previous blog posts about psychics and their belief systems and how that affects the information they receive. I believe there are grains of truth in all things, it’s just a matter of how thick the dust is on their glasses which determines how dirty they think the world is… and how twisted that truth appears to them. Fear-based beliefs block one’s ability to see love in all things and it can take a perfectly neutral situation and re-create it in a fearful light.

I believe that the ultimate reality is one of unconditional love. That is who we are, that is what we are made of and that is what God is. Why? Because it is what every great teacher who has ever walked this earth has told us. Jesus. Krishna. Muhammad. Buddha. It is the common thread among every esoteric teaching and religion on earth. It is also my personal experience and at the end of the day, it’s what I choose.

I believe in oneness – that there is a unity among all things in the universe and that we are each manifestations of God, and that duality is an illusion created for the purpose of experience. In order for God to know itself, it must first know what it is not. In order to know what it is not, it must forget that it is all that is. In that forgetting, we also forget that love is all there is, and thus the illusion of fear is created.

I also believe that we are the ultimate creators of our reality and that no one has power over us unless we willingly give our own away, which is what fear-based beliefs do. They lead you to believe that you are not in control, and create a perpetual state of fear.

I will once again make the suggestion that you read Conversations With God, if you haven’t already. It’s a pretty powerful book. And incidentally, I happen to stand with the author’s opinion on doomsday predictions, which applies wholly to this information as well:

In this way, people can keep the pressure up, keep the spiritual stress level high, and, not incidentally, keep an audience listening with ears glued to every word. Impending doom has been a magnet for the collective mind for thousands of years. It continues to be so today.

If the whole point of all this is bringing “light” to the world, tell me how this helps? You said yourself, “This is the scariest thing I’ve ever said.” This has put you in a state of fear, which attracts more fearful energy to you, contributes to the overall fearful energies here on this planet and perpetuates the cycle and the illusion.

To quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.” And in that same vein, fear cannot drive out fear. Only love can do that.

Light does not “fight” darkness. It doesn’t struggle against it. It illuminates it. There is no struggle. It is an illusion. Darkness does not exist. LOVE. IS. ALL. THERE. IS. The only thing that sustains darkness is your belief that it exists. Fear not. “I have sent you nothing but angels.

But it isn’t up to me to create your belief system for you. You have a choice – do you want to live in fear? Or do you want to live in love? That is your choice, above all.

Fuck it. I choose love.

As I mentioned before, I create my reality. And that’s why I don’t bother with conspiracy theories, demons, reptillians or anything else that remotely smells fear-based. It’s just not my thing. I choose not to give those ideas energy or attention. I choose the higher power – the ONLY power because fear is an illusion – I choose love.







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  1. Very well said, Ashley! You could not have stated your opinion better than you did. “Perfect love casteth out all fear!”

    • Thanks Kathy 🙂



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My first reaction to the reading was WOW. Your words captured a theme woven into my life right now. The reading has emboldened me to take back my power and inspired me to research some books, get back to meditating and provided a focus.


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