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A month after the senseless killing of George Floyd, and after a medium claimed to channel him with a questionable and insensitive message, Patrick sat down in the parlor to discuss the topic of Spiritual Bypassing with special guests Amber Choisella, Ash Riley, and Brian Smith. What is Spiritual Bypassing? Other topics include speaking out against racism, shadow work, the mother wound, toxic masculinity, and mental health.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Your Truth, But Be Forewarned…

I originally wrote the first half of this post in 2015, but I came across something on Facebook last night that reminded me of it and I had some additional thoughts to add. The phrase “Speak your truth” comes with a couple of important caveats. I’m diving into a new one in the second half of this post.


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I’m Ash Riley, a modern-day intuitive, spiritual development guide, and authenticity advocate. I write about spirituality, vulnerability, and healing while guiding you with inspiration and practical resources to uncover your most authentic self.

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