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I received a follow up question from yesterday’s blog post on spirit guides.

Question from a reader:

“Ashley, could you please more fully explain your statement that begins “A handful of my own primary guides are . . .”? What do you mean by “identities”? Specifically, are they separate from their identities that are now incarnate? I would very much like to know who are my guides and who that I know in this lifetime is in my soul group. That is why I find the above referenced statement so intriguing!”

Great question! First, just so everyone knows which part of yesterday’s post is being referenced:

“A handful of my own primary guides are actually the past life identities of people in my own soul group who are incarnate with me now.”

Think of each individual incarnation that you’ve had, including the one you’re in now, as a separate identity. That is, after all, what an ego is: it’s an identity complex made up of personality characteristics and beliefs that make us who we are. Suffice to say, it is who we “believe” we are. My current identity complex is called “Ashley.”

My higher self would be the combination of all of the identities I’ve ever been. Each one of those incarnations are a unique expression of my higher self.

Given that time only exists here, while we’re incarnate, each of those identities is present over “there” in the afterlife, together. They exist simultaneously, both as incarnate and disincarnate (because it’s merely my higher self, which always exists “over there” presenting itself as one of those unique identities). You can basically think of them all as completely separate people, and for all intents and purposes, they are. My identity as “Ashley” is completely different than my identity back when I was a Lakota indian living 200 years ago, even though we come from the same higher self. I explain this a little more in one of the posts I linked in yesterday’s blog, “Spirit Communication and Reincarnation.”

My spirit guide, Bill, for example (he named himself, it’s lame, I know), was alive with me back when I was Lakota (or maybe it was some other life as a Native American, but I learned about the two of them around the same time so for simplicity’s sake, we’re going to assume it was that particular life). And now he is one of my primary guides for this incarnation.

I have a second primary guide who came in later who calls himself Nathan. Nathan shares a higher self with someone who is currently incarnate that was a major player in my life 10+ years ago. As I understand it, Nathan and this person also have another identity expression named Cailon, who is also some sort of guide for me, who also shares a higher self with the other two. Additionally, Cailon identifies with a person who I was best friends with in a past life, a young girl. But that girl also, at times, shows up as a separate entity.

All of these spirits–the little girl, Cailon, Nathan, the person who is living right here and now–they are all expressions of the same higher self, presenting as different identities, and they do exist individually, for lack of a better word, over there. Each of those identities probably come from various lives lived here and there, some not even on Earth.

Is this the case for everyone? I suppose it can go either way. But I do believe some of Michael Newton’s work has come up with similar examples, and I know that Dolores Cannon has mentioned it as well. Things aren’t as neat and tidy as you imagined. 🙂

Can the identity that is currently incarnate also serve as a guide in spirit in the same form while they are still incarnate? It’s just their higher self presenting as yet another facet of itself, so yes, they can. I actually have a friend who’s had some experience with that. Maybe I can have her write a guest post about it in the near future. 🙂




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