I Love The Things That We Should Fear

I have a confession to make. I don’t personally practice any form of psychic protection. And I never have.

I don’t use white light with an intent to protect during meditation or otherwise. Here’s why:

I believe that the law of attraction–that like energy attracts like energy–is a fundamental law of the universe. I believe that my underlying, most basic beliefs about myself and the world around me, whether conscious or subconscious, have great influence on my experience of reality.

I believe the greatest protection there is, is simply living and being in a loving vibrational frequency, free from a fear-based belief system.

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”–1 John, 4:18

I know that not everyone believes that, and that’s fine. Some people believe there are things that go bump in the night–demons and evil spirits and what not–and that they need to be protected from them 24/7, but living in fear of invisible monsters is just not my thing.

In my own personal philosophy, there’s no room for there to be some invisible entity “out there” that wants to harm me, because I believe in non-duality, oneness, that we are each manifestations of God/source and that everyone and everything in the universe is also a manifestation of that same God/source, drawn into our experience by our thoughts and beliefs, be they on a personal level or a collective one.

Nothing can harm you unless you give it permission to do so, because it is you, ultimately. (At least on an energetic level. There’s some additional context involved when we’re talking about collective belief systems which co-create negative experiences in the physical, like patriarchy, racism, etc. and involve the actions of other human beings, rather than invisible metaphysical entities.)

I think people misinterpret “permission” to mean expressed permission such as a verbal agreement, as though they have to be standing around an inverted pentagram in a basement chanting to Satan (which I don’t believe in, either, btw…). But being in vibrational alignment with similar energy is, in essence, an agreement. Everything within your experience, at least from an energetic standpoint, is an outward projection of an internal subconscious belief system, so if you are in a state of repressed emotional turmoil due to unhealed trauma, and you adhere to a belief system that evil entities exist and have the power to harm you, then that is a recipe for that experience to be mirrored back to you.

Many people want to put a label on this energy and in doing so, they give it agency. They call it a negative entity or malevolent or a demon, but in its truest essence, it is simply emotional energy from the lower end of the spectrum (and when you think about it that way, it’s a lot less scary).

It’s a palpable energy that can be felt, and you may be uncertain about what it is. Your biological reaction uncertainty is to feel afraid. Many folks talking about psychic protection will tell you that this is exactly the opposite of what you should do because when you react with fear, you are putting yourself into vibrational alignment with negative energy and feeding the experience, but here’s the thing–if you’re experiencing a situation where you’ve come in contact with said energy, you’re already in alignment with it, otherwise, according to the law of attraction, you would never have experienced it in the first place. 

So you’ve “manifested” this energy based on some sort of unhealed trauma energy that you’re holding, which always comes down to a lack of self-love. What traumatic experiences are these supernatural experiences mirroring back to you?

I once came across a man in a spiritual group online who exhibited paraphilic infantilism and swore that a ghost in his house was sexually molesting him at night. It wouldn’t be too difficult to suspect that perhaps he experienced childhood sexual abuse that resulted in some severe buried psychological trauma that is now manifesting as infantilism and phantom sexual abuse. Perhaps his trauma is playing out in his mind as his brain’s way of attempting to process it.

I’ve been approached by a handful of people over the years who were afraid they were possessed. After some questioning, all of them admitted to having issues with addiction of some form–drugs, alcohol sex–which is almost always an indication that there is unhealed trauma present, and most of them had a Christian upbringing (i.e. a belief system that supported the concept of demons/possession).

When we have these experiences and don’t recognize that they are coming from within us, but instead project it outward, we immediately start thinking about all of the scary things that this energy could be, which perpetuates our own fear. The ideas that we entertain about what this energy could be also come with preconceived cognitive associations that are attached to the labels that we use.

I don’t believe in demons or negative entities. It’s a label. Labels create mental constructs about preconceived concepts.

Those of us with Christian upbringings (or who just watch horror movies) are taught that demons have these prolific capabilities and are more powerful than we are, and therefore we need to call on a higher power that is also more powerful than we are to protect us from them. So when you label an energy that you experience as “demonic,” you automatically start projecting your preconceived ideas–a belief system–about what a demon is and what it is capable of into your experience. Part of that belief system defines a power dynamic wherein you are less than. Now you suddenly have beliefs about this unknown energy as well as beliefs about your personal power in relation to this entity and those beliefs create the reality that you experience. The idea that you need to call on a higher power also engages a belief system which defines a power dynamic wherein you are not in control.

See how you’ve just given your personal power away, twice? But you are an extension of God/Source and you are connected to that higher power, so by forgetting that, even momentarily, you allow yourself to be at the mercy of fear, rather than a conscious creator.

If energetically, everything is one, then that negative entity is an aspect of myself, and putting a barrier between it and myself means that I am simply refusing to acknowledge it, just like I might be refusing to acknowledge my feelings around my buried trauma, and as they say–that which you resist, persists. It will live to be drawn back into your life to be dealt with another day.

Important: If you find yourself in the position of being someone who is experiencing this, and after reading this, you suspect that it may be tied to some kind of repressed trauma, I urge you to seek out a trauma specialist for therapy. If your trauma has been repressed, don’t try to force it without working with a professional. There’s a chance you can re-traumatize yourself.

You can also pair therapy with various forms of energy healing like reiki, crystal healing, yoga, or acupuncture to help move and process stagnant energy blocks from the physical body.

Two good books to start with: Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith and The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk

I’ve heard a lot of very fear-based practitioners tell people that the “darkness” is attracted to beings of the “light,” as though these negative entities intentionally seek out beings of a higher vibration in an attempt to drag them down. This seems based in a dualistic religious belief system, to me, and directly contradicts the notion behind the law of attraction that like energy attracts like energy.

I see the act of or belief that psychic protection is necessary as an acknowledgement based in fear that there is something that you need to be protected from. My guides have always told me that there is no need to worry, there is nothing to fear.

If you are in a state of emotional turmoil and unable to raise yourself to a loving vibration, by all means, use intention to keep yourself safe, but there is one suggestion I will make to you:

Rather than intending to “protect” with white light, use that intention and visualization to create a feeling of SAFETY.

Because when you are safe, there is nothing that you need to be protected from.

I figure this post will probably stir up some controversy, and discussion is good. I understand not all people feel this way and that’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to, until you decide to.

I just hope that this can empower a few people to take their power back and realize that they don’t need to live in fear things that go bump in the night.



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  1. I wrote a similar blog post about this topic, but you explained what it is I too believe so much better than I did. I didn’t go into the subject of protection. It was a spur of the moment blog post where I was venting. lol I didn’t really think much…just let it all come out as it would. I love what you had to say here and agree COMPLETELY!

  2. Thank you for this! I’ve been writing about this, too. Our expectations match our vibrations which, in turn, match our power. We need to take hold of our lives. I’m not saying that our lives will be rosy and pain-free, but we will be able to handle adversity better when we realize we are more powerful than our pain. The only demons that exist are of our own creation so, in essence, if we believe in demons, our demons are us!


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