How To Start Over

Question from a reader:

“I’ve had three important people in my life die–my son, my aunt, and my mother. I took care of my mother for three and a half years. I quit my job of 38 years and need to start a new life. It is all so overwhelming. I am trying to do some volunteering. Any ideas or suggestions are very welcome.”

I always find it interesting that there are some people out there who really fear change, and the idea of starting over, and then there are people who absolutely love the ability to get a clean slate every few years, whether it’s a new house, a new job, or a new city.

I’m one of those clean slate people.

I like to look at starting over as an opportunity to recreate myself not in the image that people want me to be or need me to be, but in the image that I want and need to be. 

That’s the kind of opportunity that you have sitting before you. You’ve given so much of your life to other people…to be a mother to a son, and then basically be a mother to your own mother. You’ve given and given and given of yourself, and for that you are loved. Now it’s time to turn that love toward yourself.

What are you passionate about? What have you always wanted to do but never had the opportunity? What makes your heart sing?

Many times purpose can be found in the things that bring us joy. 

Sometimes when you feel overwhelmed, the best thing you can do is have faith in the Universe. Have faith in your soul, that it know where it’s going and what it’s going to do. Tell yourself that it’s going to be okay… no matter what.

It’s amazing what such a simple affirmation can do to calm you when life seems like more than you can handle. But that’s exactly what you need in such a moment: faith.

When you put your fears about starting over aside, and have faith that you are moving in the right direction, the right direction moves to you. That’s how it works. 🙂



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