How To Set Energetic Boundaries

One of the first things people are quick to tell you as you begin your spiritual journey is that you need to “protect yourself.” Protect yourself from other people, from their energy, from other entities, so today, I’m going to talk about how to set energetic boundaries.

I’ve mentioned in many past posts how we are one, and in the end we are all ultimately aspects of each other, so I’m going to suggest once again that the only person you need to protect yourself from is yourself.

How do I mean?

In Conversations With God, and from many channeled spiritual teachers, you may have heard the phrase, “Nothing can harm you without your permission.”
You are the one who allows someone – or something – into your space. You are the one who determines how you will allow energy to interact with you. You are the one who shapes that interaction.

How to Set Energetic Boundaries

You hear the term “boundaries” and “protection” used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. One places the power in someone else’s hands. The other places it in yours.

How Boundaries Affect Your Daily Life

Let’s take, for example, someone who is a people pleaser and can never stand up for themselves. They always have to be agreeable and can’t handle conflict. This is an indication of someone who can’t uphold boundaries. If they can’t uphold boundaries in their personal life, how can they hold spiritual boundaries?

It’s about more than just protecting yourself. This is especially of note for empaths who act as psychic sponges for the people around them. The number one thing I tell them is to check their boundaries.

More On Energetic Boundaries

Setting energetic boundaries isn’t about saying a prayer, or calling in your guardian angels. It has nothing to do with words. It’s all about how you FEEL. If you are adept at feeling the subtleties of energy, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Being able to set boundaries is about FEELING strong. It’s about FEELING in control. It’s about FEELING safe and secure. It’s about being unafraid.

If you struggle with feeling any of those things, chances are, you do not have good boundaries and you probably won’t until you work through your issues and take your power back.

How To Recognize Your Energetic Boundaries
To set energetic boundaries, sit and meditate, and feel your own energy pushing out from within you and create a bubble around yourself. Immerse yourself in that energy. Really take the time to FEEL what you’re putting out there. What does it feel like? Does it feel strong? Does it feel empowered? Does it feel weak or unsure? There really is a noticeable difference.

You’re probably either laughing or really confused or both about the shower graphic. It’s a very common occurrence for developing intuitives to have spiritual experiences in intimate/private situations, particularly in the shower due to the monotony of the shower routine. It creates a somewhat meditative state and makes it easier for spirits to communicate. Additionally, water is a spiritual conductor of sorts. So I’ve had discussions and questions from more than a few people who have had similar experiences. I often tell them that if it makes them uncomfortable, they should work to set better boundaries…but ultimately, no – spirits don’t care if you’re naked.

How do you set energetic boundaries in a non fear-based way? Let me know in the comments.



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  1. Have had many conversations with these “guests” in the shower! They also like to visit when I am trying to sleep too!

    • Oh yeah, I used to get visits all the time at my old house, but since I’ve moved they’ve stopped.


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