How To Develop Self-Love

Question from a reader:

“How can I develop or recognize self-love? How do you define self-love and what are the ways to practice self-love?”

I‘ve come to realize that the way we think about loving ourselves is COMPLETELY ASS BACKWARD.

Maybe it’s religion, maybe it’s society, but we often have this notion that we are born unworthy and we have to learn how to love ourselves. I call bullshit!

You can never not be what you are. And you ARE love. It’s what you are made of. You were born that way and you are still that way. The only thing is, you have forgotten it. And through that unknowing, you have created beliefs that are based in the idea that you are not love.

So the trick is not to develop self-love, it is to remove the negative belief which is blocking your ability to see that which you already are. 

Self-love means accepting yourself as you are and letting go of the beliefs that tell you that you are not ok as-is. When you let go of that belief, more of your true self shines through. You become more able to embody love in your every day life.  There will be no need to practice.

Identifying negative beliefs is the hardest part. Negative self-talk is an indicator. Extreme negative emotional reactions are another – jealousy, anger, fear, anxiety. All of these point toward an underlying negative belief about the self.

My upcoming class – Transpersonal Psychology: Transcending the Ego – will go into this subject in more depth, so if you are interested in these topics, sign up. It’s this Saturday, January 31st at 1PM Central. Even if you can’t make the live session, I will send all registrants a copy of the video afterward.



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