How To Be More Discerning With Spirit Communication

Question from a reader:

“I am wondering what thought you might have about strengthening discernment abilities and uncovering belief systems. Discernment in terms of knowing what entities interacting with us bring truth or have truthful agendas. Frequencies can still be aligned for attraction but because belief systems can be tricky to uncover or understand one can be found gullible or too trusting?? Must admit that I am trying to get my brain to sort out all these new spiritual concepts as well as set aside judgements about ‘negative’ things. Yet I intuitively sense that our abilities to discern truth when dealing with the ‘unknown’ via a tool such as a ouija board requires a sharper tool or maybe just a stronger understanding of who we are — which people like myself may be developing in parallel with psychic connections.”

Let me say, for a moment, that I believe that all “entities” out there are aspects of ourselves, and those entities are drawn to us or in some cases straight up manifested by us into our personal experience through law of attraction.

As far as discernment goes, if have the experience of interacting with something that gives the appearance of being a dishonest entity, it’s embodying a frequency of dishonesty, which is not in alignment with a frequency of unconditional love. That kind of experience is not going to be attracted (or rather, manifested, since you are the creator of your experiences) by a person with intent for the highest good who is living in a truthful manner and being honest with themselves.

The more one fears an entity is being dishonest with them, the more likely they are to attract an experience of coming in contact with one who will be.

So the best way to discern whether or not the information you are receiving is truthful is to TRUST that it is. But trust in its purest, strongest, healthiest sense. The kind of trust you have in a person that you love and have known all your life. It’s solid, there’s no room for doubt.

But it’s more than that. What you have to look at, internally, as far as belief systems go, is your personal motivations for trust. Are you trusting because this entity is telling you what you want to hear? Or because you don’t trust yourself and are instead putting your trust in something outside of yourself? If it’s using your own personal fear as a way to control you, it’s not coming from a good place.

What do I mean by this? Let’s say, for example, that your deepest fear is that you don’t belong and that people look down on you. You see all of these people on spiritual groups developing their abilities and you want to do something to prove to those people that you’re special, that you’re one of them, because you need validation from others (because you don’t love yourself enough to not care what other people think). So you set out to become a channeler or develop your psychic abilities, and suddenly you start receiving information from a “spirit” who tells you all sorts of things about yourself that make you feel really special, even though those things directly contradict other information that you’ve read, heard, or understood. And rather than using your own powers of discernment to question that information, you allow yourself to believe those things. You put your faith and your trust in this outside entity rather than putting that trust in yourself.

Your own personal fear is being used to manipulate you.

Then what happens? That spirit starts encouraging you to put yourself in situations that your own insecurities will be triggered. Maybe it starts feeding you false predictions and encouraging you to spread those predictions which causes you to put yourself, purposely, into situations where people will will disagree with you and trigger your fear-based emotional reaction, gaining from you the negative emotions that attracted/manifested it in the first place and thus sustains the experience.

You, of course, are allowing this to happen through your refusal to work on your own personal issues. You certainly attracted the experience which is tantamount to manifesting it. This also, of course, gives you the opportunity to bring your own issues into the light. When this sort of thing happens over and over again, it’s a giant waving red flag for you to WORK ON YOUR SHIT. But some people get stuck in that mindset and things have to get to the point where they are nearly losing their grip on reality and have an emotional breakdown before they acknowledge it. All experiences provide us with learning opportunities.

This is why I have written in the past that there’s one thing you must do before developing your psychic abilities–work on your shit! Or else your shit will work on you. You can learn things the easy way, or you can learn them the hard way. Either way… you’re going to learn. Every experience we manifest into our lives gives us opportunities to become aware of what’s inside of us.

With regard to channeled messages:

If any information that you receive puts you in a state of fear or dependence, chuck it in the fuck-it bucket. Good info will never make you dependent and it will always guide you to go within and rely on yourself. It will also never be fear-based. If the information that you are receiving seems dualistic in any way, then it’s not coming from a higher realm of consciousness. If YOU hold fear-based beliefs, you are more likely to interpret information you are receiving in a fear-based way.

My internal compass is always this: Ask yourself where this information is coming from? Is it coming from love or is it coming from fear? Is it pushing you toward love or is it pushing you toward fear? Sometimes fear comes wrapped up in a pretty package that sounds like things you want to hear.




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