How I Let Go of Fear

Over the last three years or so, I’ve had a lot of discussions with a lot of people about one specific subject: fear.

Those conversations take a lot of different shapes. Fear as it relates to religion. Fear as it relates to beliefs. Fear as it relates to the self. Fear as it relates to metaphysics. Fear as it relates to the spirit plane. I’m constantly telling people that in this regard, there is nothing to be afraid of.

FDR had it right, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

In many if not most of those discussions there is a common trend: an almost immediate, automatic resistance.

For example, when I tell someone that demons and negative entities are entirely self-manifested because we are the creators of our reality and nothing can harm you without your permission , there’s nothing to fear, they immediately resist that idea.

When I tell someone that shadow people aren’t evil, there’s nothing to fear, they immediately push back.

When I tell someone that there’s no such thing as an evil spirit, because love is all there is, there’s nothing to fear, they flip out.

When I tell someone that conspiracy theories are exaggerated, misunderstandings of natural occurrences or are otherwise practically impossible, much less plausible, not to mention counter-productive to their cause, there’s nothing to be afraid of, they won’t accept it.

It seems so counter-intuitive to be so resistant to letting go of fear, doesn’t it?

You would think that “Do not be afraid” would be the most amazing, relieving, empowering message a person could hear. After all, it appears in the bible 70 times, and when you include variants like “Fear not” and “Do not fear” it’s many more.

I understand why people are so afraid to be unafraid. There’s so much doubt involved when you’re clearing away beliefs that you’ve held your entire life.

“What if I’m wrong? What if I really will go to hell if I stop believing this?”

“What if I’m wrong… What if I open myself up to some horrible negative entity if I’m not protecting myself from them?”

Take a moment and examine those statements. What do they have in common?

They’re all still fear-based! Fear is the very thing that is keeping you from letting go of fear. How’s that for irony?

“What if I open myself up to some horrible negative entity if I stop believing in them and no longer use psychic protection?”

If you truly believe that your thoughts and beliefs are what create your experiences, then your very belief in the their existence is what allows you to experience them, does it not?

Some people have argued that they never believed in demons until they experienced one! You may not have believed in demons, but you certainly had a belief in evil because you were born and raised in a society built on Judeo-Christianity, otherwise you would never have interpreted what you experienced in that way. And what’s the difference between demons and evil? Both are fear-based. There’s no difference at all. It’s still fear, no matter how you look at it.

I understand how people can ask those questions and I understand how difficult it can be to overcome it, because I was there.

The decision to let go of fear is easy. Like flipping a switch. Arriving at that decision, deciding to flip the switch, is the hard part.

I literally remember the very instant that I let go of a large swath of fear-based beliefs. It felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off of my shoulders and I would never have known that I was carrying around all of that weight if it were not for just how noticeable the difference was after letting it go.

How did I do it?

The very first time I ever sat down to meditate, it was in a moment of desperation. I was raised Baptist, of the hellfire and brimstone variety. Even though I had more or less become an atheist at that point, part of me still had this fear… “What if there really is a Heaven and a Hell and I’m going to go there because I don’t believe in religion anymore?”

The funny thing was, I still believed in ghosts and for whatever reason, had never reconciled that with a nonbelief in the Christian idea of God.

I had newly discovered spirituality–just two weeks in. The metaphysical principles, the stuff about spirits and psychic phenomena, those were things that I had experienced and it all (finally) made complete sense to me. The concept that unconditional love was all that existed in the universe was so unbelievably comforting.

But when I began doing some Googling on things that were mentioned in a book I had read, I came across a very fear-based Christian website that was talking about how this is all exactly what the devil wants you to believe–that he doesn’t exist, and it’s demons who are posing as ghosts, etc., and where I had once been excited, I was now wracked with doubt and fear. Because that’s what fear does. It holds you back.

So when I sat down to meditate, it was really a half meditation/half prayer. I was upset. I was crying. I was confused. And I did not know what to believe. I wanted so badly to let go of fear, but I was afraid–of hell, of Satan, of demons and all of those scary things that I’d been told to be afraid of while I was growing up by my church, and my own dad who was my Sunday school teacher, by my grandparents, etc.

I said, “Whatever God is up there, if there even is one…tell me! Who is right? There are so many people saying so many different things. Who should I believe? Just tell me who I should believe and that’s what I will do.”

Much to my surprise, I experienced a sudden, overwhelming feeling of clarity bubbling up from with in me, and I heard a voice that also came from within me and it said, “Why are you so worried about what other people say? Figure it out for yourself. Find out what is true to you.”

And then I asked, “But what about Satan and hell and demons and evil?”

“Do not concern yourself with such things. Focus on the good.”

That’s the funny thing. They don’t really give you a straight answer. They leave just enough wiggle room for you to form your own beliefs and maintain a sense of free will.

And right then and there, I put my total faith in a universe that was built from unconditional love.

That was the very moment that all of the fear lifted. That was the moment I knew that “you create your own experience” was true, because I was being told to put my faith in myself and to figure it out for myself, and find out what was true to me. It was my choice. And whatever “truth” I decided to believe in, was what would be for me.

If I decided that the devil was true for me, it would be. If I decided that demons would be true for me, they would be. If I decided that evil, either in spirit or in the flesh, was true for me, it would be. That’s the lens I would perceive all of my experiences through. The world around me becomes whatever what I think it is. What I project onto it. What I create for myself. At least from my own perspective and experience.

When I truly, fully put my faith in a universe where love is all there is, I stopped believing in fearful things, because fear cannot exist there. There is no room for it. I have no need to protect myself. There is nothing I am afraid of that I need to be protected from. In fact, there is nothing to be afraid of because I am one with the universe and all that exists in it, and all that exists is love.

Fear of the supernatural no longer had any power over me and neither did any of those demons, shadow people, negative entity attachments, or whatever else fear can conjure up in your mind to keep you enslaved to it, because that’s where that kind of fear is. It is only in your mind. You create it through your inability to believe that love is truly all there is.

And right then and there, I put my total faith in a universe that was built from unconditional love.

Let me just remind you, this happened during my first meditation. I was two weeks into discovering all of this. I did not have to evolve into this. It was a choice. A choice that you can also make any time that you choose.

So this isn’t so much a matter of who is correct and who is incorrect about the existence or the nonexistence of evil entities. Whatever you believe, you create. It’s not a matter of working toward something. It’s only a matter of what serves you and what doesn’t and making a conscious decision to let go of the things that don’t.

You are in control of your energetic experiences, even when you don’t believe that you are. Especially when you don’t believe that you are, because then your fear is in the driver’s seat. Things are then happening to you instead of for you. But your fear is your choice.

It’s a very practical decision. If you’re the type of person who enjoys being afraid (I doubt there’s anyone who actually enjoys that), then by all means, continue being afraid. It’s not holding anyone back but you.

All I’m here to do is to let you know that it is a choice. And it is your choice. And that to let it go is as simple as making a decision to either embody the powerful, creative being that you are, or to continue being a slave to fear.

Overcoming all of the fear that’s trying to keep you from making that decision is another matter, yet here I am. Over here, on the other side of fear. I made the jump, safe and sound. And I’m letting you know that the water is warm if you’d like to jump in.

So… who’s going to be the first one to do a cannon ball?



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  1. Excellent article.

  2. This worked for me exactly the way it did for you Ashley but when it comes to money, it’s easier said than done. How do you release the fear of “you have to work in order to have money to survive”?

    • Particularly if you’re like me and you’ve grown up in an environment where your parents were poor, often strapped for cash, or fought about money a lot, those attitudes can follow you into adulthood even if all of your needs are being met. And people who have lived in poverty tend to have very different habits, because of that poverty trauma, that inhibits them from making better financial decisions. Once we have access to steady, gainful employment that meets our basic needs, money is an attitude. Either you have an attitude of abundance or an attitude of scarcity (based in that unhealed poverty trauma), the fear and unhealed trauma is what creates a scarcity mentality.

      Part of that is being in the future instead of the present, fearing what will happen if you lose your job, etc. If you find yourself doing that, bring yourself back into the present. What’s good RIGHT NOW?

      Another thing that I consciously decided to do when I moved to a new city with no job prospects and limited cash to survive was I to trust the universe to take care of me. I can sit all day long and freak out about not having clients or a fully time job and not making money and try desperately to go find them… or I can just keep plugging along steadily, and know that something will come along with the time is right. Be content and grateful for what I have, and more will come my way.

      • I do have an abundance mindset but when I go to the store to buy something I think twice about the price. It feels like that’s an ingrained belief….

        • Could be. But there’s nothing wrong with being frugal, either. Efficiency is an inherent part of my personality. I like to get the most and make the most out of everything… and stretching dollars happens to fall into that category. It’s not that I believe there’s not enough. I just believe in value and not wasting things. I see potential there – of making more out of what is already there… which is, in reality, an abundance mindset.


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