How I Got Here

Afew people have expressed an interest in learning more about me and my personal spiritual development. I put this together for another project that I’m working on and I thought I would share it with anyone who wanted to know a little more about me (although I can’t imagine why anybody would care to know about me!).

2 years old: My first memory – standing behind myself, seeing me holding my grandmother’s hand and telling someone that I was two years old by holding up two fingers on my right hand. Yes – out of body.

3-4 years old: Constant awareness of other beings in the house I lived in until I was six. The house was a lightening rod for weird things (or maybe it was just me that was the lightening rod). My love for the paranormal began with a Scooby Doo love affair (that hasn’t quite ended) and my affinity for personal empowerment and things that would be considered new age began with She-Ra (and also hasn’t quite ended).

5 years old: Saw a classic “shadow person” standing at the end of the hallway in my house. My childhood friend was there with me. I tapped him on the shoulder and pointed. He saw it too, and still remembers it to this day.

6-7 years old:

  • My parents built a new house and we moved. I had my second “ghost” encounter. This one touched my face – it felt like static electricity in the shape of a hand. I had another, similar experience about a year later. This time I prayed to God to make it go away and it turned around and left the room. I freaked out and was crying and ran to my parents room. Of course they chalked it up to a bad dream.
  • I was riding with my great grandmother in her car. She turned to me and said, “I have some bad news.” Before she could finish her sentence, I said, “Heather’s (my cousin) in the hospital.” It just popped into my head. I said it somewhat sarcastically. “Did your parents tell you?” she asked. They hadn’t. She was in a four wheeler accident.
  • My mom lost a Victoria’s Secret bag somewhere in the house. She was tearing the place up looking for it, and kept asking me if I’d seen it or moved it. I hadn’t. I said a quick prayer and asked God to help me find it. I immediately had the idea to go look in the hall closet where we kept all of our spare blankets. It was sitting there on top of the stack of blankets, pretty as you please.

8-10 years old: I still loved all the things that went bump in the night. Completely, totally and utterly obsessed with animals, dinosaurs, Egypt, ghosts, vampires, etc. I read Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula (the original victorian versions) at age 10.

Middle school and high school: I could always read people. I just knew their intentions. I used to nap in the gym on the floor during lunch and intentionally jump in and out of my body (not realizing that’s what it was). I never mentioned it to anyone, for whatever reason, and assumed everyone could do it.

I was raised Baptist but never really bought into it – one of the main reasons being that they said when you die, you go to Heaven or Hell and there’s no such thing as ghosts, but I’d seen them, so I knew that wasn’t true. I would dream about places, and then later I would see them in real life. My metaphysical interests continued – I read about Edgar Cayce extensively. I was totally into astrology. The X Files. Ghost stories. UFOs. People seemed to be drawn to me to ask for advice, but for whatever reason never seemed to follow it and it turns out I was always right. lol

College: I had my first precognitive dreams. I met my best friend who was Muslim and furthered my division from church dogma – I became exceptionally spiritual, though still filtered that through the traditional Christian ideas of Jesus and God – just without a church and the notion that people from other religions went to hell simply for calling God by another name. I began noticing synchronicities and journaling all of it extensively. I was convinced that I was at least somewhat psychic though I wasn’t even really sure what that meant.

Post collegiate 20s: I entered a period of deep depression and self-hatred. I’d been sliding that way for about three years but I hit rock bottom just after graduation. I stopped believing in God for the most part. I thought there was a possibility, but I highly doubted it. My interest in the paranormal was still there, though. I drank a lot. I worked miserable jobs and more or less lead a “normal” life. I completely forgot about all those other things and experiences.

25 years old: A guy I dated briefly in college committed suicide. We’d had several mutual friends and I went to his funeral more so as a show of support for them. We’d had a rocky relationship post-dating, and I joked, “I bet I’m the last person you thought you’d see at your funeral” when I walked by the casket. We had mended things before he died, but had lost touch.

26 years old: Moved in with a new roommate who also had a heavy interest in the paranormal. She introduced me to quantum physics and metaphysics, although I didn’t really take an interest at the time. Paranormal activity seemed to pick up when I moved in with her – electronics turning off and on, I had a dream visitation from my friend who’d committed suicide, things moving of their own accord right in front of my face – oh – and that one time when there was a brief dimensional bleedthrough where I saw my roommate walking around upstairs when she was, in fact, asleep in the basement.

27 years old: I moved in with my boyfriend (now husband). I had become completely repulsed by the idea of Christianity (the fundamentalist variety) and the religious notion of God as a humanistic male deity at this point. I remember him asking me if I believed in Jesus, and I said, “I don’t know.” Any time I’d start to think about whether or not God really existed, I would shove it out of my mind.

28 years old: My fiancee picked up a strange book while traveling for work called “The Secret History of the World.” He excitedly explained to me that Adam and Eve were vegetables, secret societies held keys to hidden knowledge, meditation did weird things, etc. and I rolled my eyes and said, “Yeah. Sure.”

Two weeks later I found Channeling Erik and saw everything I’d ever pondered or believed laid out before my eyes. I immediately sent him the link and said, ‘Give me that book!’ A week later, I travelled to Las Vegas for work, finished the book, meditated for the first time, met my spirit animal, talked to my higher self, met my primary spirit guide, practiced seeing auras and then my husband met me in town that weekend and we got married in a vegas drive through chapel on 11/11/11.

The last 4 years? It’s just been a total roller coaster ride. Something new every day, seems like. I’ve seen and talked to spirits off and on, had a few OBEs, have a sneaking suspicion aliens are harvesting my eggs (which is fine, one’s going to waste every month anyway), started channeling, practice manifesting, meditation, come to a much better understanding of religion and it’s role in spirituality, etc.

I started this blog last June to share what I’ve learned with you good folks. 🙂

I answer more questions about myself in my Personal FAQs post.



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  1. I always love learning more about people, skip the small talk. 🙂

  2. I am so glad to know these things about you. Fascinating and insightful. Thank you for sharing that with us.

    • Thanks 🙂 And welcome.

  3. I loved it Ashley. Thank you for taking the time to share such intricate and interesting parts of your life. When I read about your interest in certain authors I thought of how much more you have to contribute to this marvelous field, and that’s where some of the greatest writers, poets and screenplays started. You know, Jennifer Love Hewitts Ghost whisperer was inspired by the true life stories of a person much like yourself, Mary Ann Winkowski and the series was created from those experiences, along with James Van Praagh, I believed, another one of my all time favorites. George Anderson, author of We Don’t Die, is another I want to tell you that Mary’s book was one of the best books that I ever read, in fact, it was so good that I was actually prolonging it just not wanting to get to the end, and when I did finally reach the end, I regretted that I was done reading it, and I wished that she would write another one like that. Your layout of this blog is very impressive as well. Thanks again dear. 🙂 Doris

    • Thank you Doris 🙂

  4. I’m a little late in seeing this post, but it was fascinating to read! It was very generous of you to share so much about your personal life, It seems that everything I read on your blog makes me contemplate something on another level. Very grateful for this site!


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