How DNA Influences Reincarnation

Aug 29, 2015 | Question Submission, Reincarnation, Science and Metaphysics, Spirit

Question from a reader:

“I wanted to pose the below to you for your thoughts if you have any. All my life I assumed I was Swedish – with my white hair and fair skin, and with my mother’s maiden name being Lindstrom, and her mother’s name being Windstrom (BTW – when I asked about the percentages not being 50/50, they said it’s very uncommon for the split to be 50/50). But apparently I have not a drop of Swedish ancestry.

It made me start to think that I (my real, higher self) have no attachment to being Irish or Swedish. Did I choose to enter this life in a physical body that had Irish DNA – maybe to accomplish the physical features I desired?

I could have been a German soldier in my “past” life, or an Iranian Muslim, with absolutely no ties to Ireland or Sweden. It all made me wonder – are physical bodies manifested complete with DNA to suit our higher selves’ desire to live out a certain life, or do our higher selves choose a body of a certain lineage to accomplish this goal? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you!”

I think it can be both, or neither, or one or the other, depending on the individual in question. For some souls, the physical appearance can play a very large role in the experiences they want to have, and for other souls it may not be as big of deal, as their preferred experiences rely on other emotional experiences that have less to do with physical appearance and perhaps more to do with their circumstances, environment, or emotional situations.



There are also instances where souls will cultivate a specific line on earth and continuously incarnate into that line – so, for example, you and your great great great grandfather may share the same higher self, and from a linear perspective, you would say that you had a past life as him.

You’ve probably also heard of instances where a mother may lose a sister or a child, and that child’s soul incarnates as the next child she has.  Sometimes this may be a soul family thing, but other times it may be an instance of keeping incarnations within a specific physical lineage.

When I read this question, I knew I had to pull in the thoughts of my friend Teresa as well because this sort of question is right up her ally. Here’s what she said:

Are physical bodies manifested complete with DNA to suit our higher selves’ desire to live out a certain life, or do our higher selves choose a body of a certain lineage to accomplish this goal?

Excellent question and two great examples of possible decisions for the bodies chosen for an incarnation. The choices we make for the bodies and vessels we inhabit are truly endless and so are the reasons supporting our decisions made.

One thing I like to keep in mind is why we incarnate to begin with. Why do we throw ourselves into a physical state and the bodies we choose?

My intention isn’t to answer a question with a question, but more so to shift the focus into the proper frame to answer the original question.

The bodies we choose have infinite possibilities and complexities, and so do our soul’s reasons for the body chosen. The body we inhabit can drastically affect the reality and experience we have while in a physical form. It can function like the lens of glasses, or the cover to a book. It can carry us swiftly to our destiny to lead others, or it can take us slowly through thorny thickets of a life trying to understand hardship.

Sometimes our choice for a body may be driven by bloodline. Not necessarily picking a royal bloodline like many think they would choose, but instead for karmic reasons or a long-term purpose. Choosing to right “wrongs” within our own family line, influence change within a new generation, or to perpetuate knowledge shared within a culture much like a Dalai Lama reincarnating within the same line.

When our soul is ready to experience a physical reality and existence (keep in mind there are many other types of existences), our soul has already pre-determined a great deal. Parental choice may have been chosen because of the environment they will raise us in, what they will expose us to, culture or physical location on the planet, etc. We may choose our body because of certain physical characteristics or traits that our soul-plan needs devoid of any kind of DNA. We may choose our body because it was the next available body that other members of our soul group share as family, enabling our souls to take advantage of soul-contracts. There are a multitude of reasons.

From our human perspective, it’s interesting how grounded and tangible our DNA makes us feel in its structure, when really it’s simply a symbolic representation of the vibrational energy we carried with us to this plane of existence. We’re still discovering so much to learn about DNA and genetic structures and we tend to attach ourselves to DNA as part of our identity when in fact DNA is quite temporary to our soul’s existence and path.

On a much deeper level, what I believe we will continue to find out is that when we look closer at our genetic and physical make up like DNA… we’ll find it’s much like looking at a symphony of sound and musical notes. With a trained ear, we will each find the song of our soul harmonizing with the vibration of the plan we came to fulfill and experience within our incarnations.

teresa-powersTeresa is an author, intuitive life coach, certified hypnotist and a top-rated St. Louis psychic-intuitive that utilizes various clairvoyant gifts and metaphysical knowledge to help people gain insight as to areas they may need to focus on in their lives, or situations where they’d like further insight. For more information about Teresa and her services, visit

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  1. Interesting…I did dna testing and it did confirm that I am all Finnish. All 4 of my grandparents did come from Finland. Too bad my parents didn’t teach me the language however. Makes me wonder what I might choose the next time around if there is one.


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My first reaction to the reading was WOW. Your words captured a theme woven into my life right now. The reading has emboldened me to take back my power and inspired me to research some books, get back to meditating and provided a focus.


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