Holiday Gift Ideas for the Spiritually Inclined

Maybe you’re looking for gift ideas for the spiritual person in your life, or YOU would like something spiritually related, but you’re just not sure what, yet. Maybe you want to go with a gift that can subtly peak a loved one’s interest in further exploring spiritual concepts. Here’s a few ideas for you to ponder!

Subtly Spiritual Gift Ideas

Essential Oils. This is a great gift idea for people who are into holistic health but maybe don’t know a whole lot about the spiritual aspects of healing. They provide the perfect segue to talk about energetic frequencies, vibrations and chakras. Check out a list of essential oils HERE that are great for chakra balance and healing.

Additionally, Frankincense is one of the most powerful essential oils there is and it’s exceptionally Christmas-related, as well as spiritually potent. Check out my previous blog pot on using Frankincense for an enhanced Kundalini meditation.


Crystals. While some folks are not privy to the energetic properties of crystals, they at least think they’re pretty! And crystals, geodes and other natural stones have become extremely popular home decor items. Search around for a pair of geode bookends or an amethyst candle holder as a way to give some good healing energy to a friend or family member without having to explain their woo-ness. Salt lamps are another popular item that you can consider.




Books. Books are a great way to peak people’s interest and you can find several that are very subtly spiritual in nature. Here’s my list of spiritual books that are sitting on my bookshelf.


Hardcore Woo Spiritual Gift Ideas

Orgonite. A custom orgonite piece can be a fantastic holiday gift, especially since they can be turned into just about anything – jewelry, statues, chachkis, pyramids, cabachons, discs, pendulums… the list goes on. You can also incorporate your own crystals or other trinkets into them to make them totally unique to you and your taste. I gave an orgonite heart to my mother-in-law last Christmas. Check out my blog post about my custom orgonite pyramid.


Crystal Accessories. For the crystal collector in your life, consider one of these really beautiful crystal display shelves – hand crafted from wood. FYI – these are often out of stock and take a while to make, so you’ll want to get in on this early. At this point, it might be good to order it and then put a photo in a card and let them know they’ll get it when it’s finished.

Wooden Crystal Storage Shelves | | #InMySacredSpace

Jewelry. There’s a virtual treasure trove of jewelry available online these days that incorporates various crystals, gems, and other spiritual concepts like spirit animals, tarot symbolism, and on and on. Need ideas? Check out my Pinterest board.


Experience-Based Gifts. For the really woo-woo friend or family member in your life – or maybe even yourself – you might want to consider some more experiential gifts, such as a tarot reading, hand analysis, distance or energy healing, or past life regression.


Before deciding, check out my post on how to determine what type of reading is right for you, and then check out my list of recommended energy healers and psychic readers for people that I personally recommend.

Tarot Decks & Oracle Cards. For the aspiring woo master on your gift list, the best thing you can give might just be spiritual tools they can use of their own accord. Tarot & and Oracle decks make great gifts for the person looking to own their intuition. As a side note – this may be one of those gifts you want to fund for them, but let them pick out themselves. Choosing a tarot and Oracle deck is a highly personal process. You want to choose a deck that really speaks to you, so take them to your nearest metaphysical store and let them peruse, use, and pick their favorite deck!

Happy holidays, everybody!




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