Happy Halloween!

Oct 31, 2017 | Personal Life

Just wanted to take a minute to say Happy Halloween! I haven’t felt much like writing lately. It feels like there’s a lot going on, internally, and it’s not quite ready to come out yet. I haven’t been sleeping well for the last couple of weeks, either. I’m sleeping, I’m just not feeling rested when I wake up in the morning.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I usually carve pumpkins every year and revel in all things fall, but I haven’t really been able to enjoy it much in the last few of years. This year there’s been a lot of transition, obviously. I’ve had much bigger things weighing on me, like my financial situation. Speaking of that – I talked to my recruiter yesterday and she says that I should be receiving an offer letter this week! I can’t tell you how relieved I feel. I think I mentioned in my last post that I didn’t realize how much stress I was holding over the uncertainty of my work life.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been so tired the last couple of weeks – finally allowing myself to process and release all of that.

It finally feels like life is starting to pull itself together. In addition to a job, I’m making friends and hanging out with people, and I honestly haven’t done much of that in years, so it feels really nice. I even went to a Halloween house party over the weekend. This was my costume:

“Images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes. They call me on and on across the universe.”

I’m contemplating taking a blogging break for a while. I’m sure I won’t, but things may slow down a bit, as they have in the past. I like to write when I feel inspired. Sometimes I go through periods of time, typically when I’m working on myself, that I don’t feel particularly inspired. That’s kind of how I felt this week. It’s not always like that – sometimes whatever I’m going through becomes some of the best inspiration there is, but other times, like I said earlier – it’s not ready to come out yet.

I’m helping a friend move today, my cousin is coming to visit me in a couple of weeks, I should be starting my new job soon, and I’m going on a trip upstate with some new friends for a weekend in November. I have a life again. How about that?








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My first reaction to the reading was WOW. Your words captured a theme woven into my life right now. The reading has emboldened me to take back my power and inspired me to research some books, get back to meditating and provided a focus.


New York

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