Group Consciousness

Question from a reader:

“Group Consciousness: If the birds in the sky and the fishes in the sea can all move and turn at the same time, why can’t we?”

Group consciousness, for those who are not familiar, is the idea that certain types of living beings share a consciousness (they have a group mind, so to speak). Typically they are smaller animals and insects who live communally or have the tendency to flock, swarm, or herd.

How many of you begrudgingly admit you read the Twilight series-or at least saw the movie? If so, you may recall the werewolf pack communicated with each other telepathically, however, they couldn’t defy the command of the pack leader. That would be one possible interpretation of how group consciousness works.

My question to you is, what makes you think we don’t have group consciousness? 

I would argue that we do. We are, after all, each a tiny aspect of consciousness which makes up a larger consciousness (and even those animals and their subgroup consciousness is a part of that). And whether or not you are aware of it, you are constantly picking up on and interpreting telepathic and energetic signals in your environment.

You are communicating with other people, energetically, all the time.

When you think of the birds and the fish all turning in unison, you see them working together toward a common purpose – in this case, to head in the same direction.

We know that our spiritual evolution is also us working on an individual level toward a purpose, in a specific direction, and we know that we have spiritual contracts with other members of our soul group who contribute to that purpose and have the same goal, themselves, so as a group, you are all working toward a common purpose and moving in the same direction.

When you weave together every soul connection that exists on the planet, all of them are working together toward a common goal and moving in the same direction: the evolution of consciousness through the spectrum of experience.

Chaos is an Illusion

We have a tendency to believe that our world is chaotic and that the state it is in is resultant from our mistakes. We believe we are imperfect beings who are attempting to perfect ourselves. I don’t believe that for one second. And I would venture to say that most people, if asked this same question, would answer, “Because we have free will.”

The universe is a perfect system, and you are a product of that system. God/source is perfect love and everything in the universe, collectively, is a manifestation of that perfect love. How can you possibly make a “mistake” when no matter what choice you make, its opposite plays out in an alternate reality?

We think of our spiritual contracts with other souls as being extremely specific in nature, but I’ve discussed before how our life purposes and interactions with others exist around themes and relationships and emotions more so than specific actions and outcomes.

We’re not here, haphazardly attempting to act out some script that we can’t remember. You are here to experience these concepts. You set yourself up to experience those concepts in (almost) any way you choose to manifest them.

I think the most common reason people fail to grasp the notion that what we are doing here is infallible is because they think they have free will, and if they have free will, it means they can do whatever they want. Well, that’s what your ego thinks. It also thinks it’s somehow separate from every other person on this planet, and it thinks that it is separate from your higher self, but we know that those things are an illusion, yes?

So, if your ego, too, is a manifestation of your higher self… what makes “you” think that you could possibly ever even want to or think about doing something that your higher self does not also allow you to think or want?

I saw this page titled, “The 12 Dimensions Explained,” floating around the net a few weeks ago. If you read it closely, you will notice that it refers to the third dimension and “the illusion of free will.”

I realize that it’s a controversial position to suggest that we don’t really have free will. but as I alluded above, does your ego-self really even know what free will is?

I’ve written about free will before and how it comes into play with your destiny and life planning.

What I suggest is–like I mentioned earlier–that your life plan is not as specific as you believe it is, and you have more options than you think you do, which gives you the feeling of having choices (because you do). But those choices exist on a limited spectrum.

Just like when you take your kids bowling and you put them on the kiddie lane that has the water bumpers to keep them from going in the gutter, their bowling ball can go anywhere on the lane, as long as it’s between the bumpers.

I’ve likened life planning to a choose your own adventure book. Yes, you have options, but you can’t choose something that isn’t already written into the book.

It’s all of those chapters and the characters within them playing out their parts in an intricate storyline, one that feels very real, for the explicit purpose of experiencing the chosen themes.

The real question here is, do the birds and the fish know they are connected? Or do they just act and we see the end result from our own vantage point? They may be just as unaware of their connection with one another as you are unaware of your connection with everyone else. And just because you can’t see it from your current perspective, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

We do have a group consciousness. It just doesn’t look like what you were expecting it to, from down here in your earthly perspective.



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