Fuck it. I choose love.

If you’ve been around my blog for the last year, you’ve probably noticed a lot of changes. I redesigned the entire thing, then I redesigned my homepage, like, four times, the most recent of which I just launched last night. Check it out if you haven’t already!

I had a reading with my friend Jenn early last week and she suggested that I make my healing practice/readings the main focus of my website instead of just my blog, and I thought it was a good suggestion. So that’s what I did! I’ve still got a few things I want to tighten up here and there and a few things to add when they’re ready to launch, but the general look, feel and flow is all here.

I feel like I have SO MUCH creativity right now – so many ideas floating through my head. So much to do! So much I want to do! It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed, but in a good way. Every time I check something off my to-do list, I end up adding something else. As my husband said, “Well, you’ll never be bored.” True that. Long story short – look for lots of fun things to come! I’ll make announcements as they come closer to fruition.

As I revamp my site, I’m also going back through all of my old quotes and graphics and slowly updating them to match the new aesthetic. While I was doing that, I ran across something I wrote a few years back that was a direct message from my guides – one guide in particular, who is very stern, matter of fact, and doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy, I call him the mountain because he appeared to me in a dream as a giant talking mountain and told me that he’d be stepping in as my primary guide:

Humanity has lived in fear long enough. It’s time to shift the paradigm and understand that the things in the world around you only have power over you if you let them. Being afraid of these things is putting yourself in agreement with powerlessness. There is nothing to fear. Love is the greatest power there is and that is within you, always, even when you refuse to acknowledge it. The way to let go of fear and take your power back is to begin to understand the way you are creating and participating in your experiences. It means taking on responsibility for your thoughts and feelings and how that energy plays a part in your every day life. An important part of this is dispelling common myths and misunderstandings that no longer fit within the new paradigm.

The “new paradigm” he is speaking of is the shift, ascension, conscious evolution, etc. He’s talking about moving away from dualistic, superstitious and fear-based beliefs such as:

– The belief that ouija boards are somehow inherently evil

The belief that there is something out there separate from you that you need protection from

The belief that a negative entity can attack or possess you without your permission

– Any other duality-based belief that suggests that the universe contains anything other than pure, unconditional, unadulterated love, particularly any beliefs you hold about yourself or others.

Holding onto such fear-based beliefs is counterproductive to your ability to see love in all things. It is also counterproductive to your ability to move into a state of love and anchor that energy down here to earth.

What you have to realize during this process is that you are making an active choice to believe in such things – and you are making an active choice to live in fear of these things, and you are actively choosing to give your power away to those things through your belief in them.

The biggest rebuttle I often see to that point is, “Well I have EXPERIENCED this or I know someone who has, so you can’t tell me it’s not real.” I never said it wasn’t real – it’s very real, in your own inner-environment. And it’s partly real because you believe in it and are creating it and it’s partly real because you are CHOOSING to view that experience through a lens of fear, instead of viewing it neutrally. And the fear you felt in that moment very much played into creating the experience.

Belief creates reality, and if the reality that you wish to create involves these things, then your belief in them will allow them to exist.

As long as you refuse to accept that you are a creator of your experiences, you are actively choosing powerlessness.

If you wish to create a reality without those things, you can do so just as easily (and dare I say, it may be a somewhat more enjoyable reality).

At some point, you just have to say, “Fuck it. I’m tired of being afraid. I choose love.”



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