Finding Forgiveness

Question from a reader:

“I got a tarot card reading about my mother and I feel maybe it’s accurate. It was saying that the problems with my mother may not let me manifest things clearly and causes me to hold onto blockages, that I need to heal that. What would you think would be good? Just forgiveness? It’s so hard sometimes not to be sad or angry at her though.”

Relationship issues will certainly cause blockages, but it’s not those issues that directly affect your ability to manifest. They directly affect your attitude about yourself and the world around you THAT is what affects your ability to manifest.

But yes, you still have to heal that regardless of manifesting or not.

Forgiveness isn’t just a switch that you flip on. It’s a process. Your relationship with your mother has affected you in a multitude of ways – ways that you perceive to be negative. So as long as you still see that as negative, you’re always going to resent her for it.

So first, you have to come to terms with yourself and find acceptance and healing for those things. As they say – people are responsible for their actions and you are responsible for your reactions. That means that there are no victims. No one hurts you unless you allow them to, so you also have to look honestly at yourself and see how and where you allowed your mother to victimize you and even see where you contributed to it.

You also have to find understanding with her – why she is the way she is and why she did the things she did when it came to you. The more you understand her, the less you blame her. And the less you blame her the easier it becomes to forgive her.




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