Guest Blog: Implementing The Elements of Fire, Wind, Water and Earth in Your Garden

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As those of you who follow my Facebook page may be aware, my grandmother passed away unexpectedly this past Monday morning, so things have been a bit hectic around here. Luckily, I had a couple of guest bloggers with articles they wanted to share with you. I don’t know where I’d be without people to step in for me from time to time, especially these last couple of months.

Since March is just two days away and I’ve already jumped the gun by writing about easter eggs in February, I’m excited to share some Feng Shui gardening tips from Australian blogger and Editor-in-Chief of, Derek Lotts.

Imagine yourself standing amidst a raging storm, or in front of a live volcano, or on top of a tall cliff watching huge, tsunami-like waves pounding the shoreline. You’d probably be struck with awe because we intuitively react in such profound manner to all natural phenomena. However, this is “just” Mother Nature’s merciless version of this experience, but if we scale things down to a mere fireplace or fountain, then it would definitely have a more peaceful effect in our mind, body, and soul – and that is something we can easily incorporate in our homes.


Consider this: when combined, the element of water and earth give life. That life is poured into the greenery of your backyard area. Furthermore, following the Zen principles and using the elements, you can create a seamless transition between different aspects of outdoor decor in your garden and achieve tranquillity. Gardens are definitely a perfect place for fire, wind, water, and earth, to meet and dance. So let’s explore the possibilities…

Element of fire

Of all the elements this is the only one you cannot touch. When you think about fiery people then you know they possess great fervor which takes dominion over others like an addiction. It is associated with expressiveness, aggression, passion, impulse, and even reclusive behavior, so when it comes to merging fire with outdoor décor, it is all about control and light. You can make simple improvements by adding candles, incandescent bulbs and even sunlight, but if you have a little cash to spend, then try investing in a stone or cast iron fire pit to keep you warm and mesmerized, especially in cold nights. Also, fire will always be in the vibrant yellow-red color spectrum, but don’t shy away from darker tones to keep things serene.


Element of wind

Air is the only element invisible to the human eye and all it takes is a little difference in atmospheric pressure to feel its touch on your skin. Wind is believed to be free, independent, vital, and unpredictable. Gardens which incorporate the movement of air can encapsulate positive energy and even produce music. All you need are either metal or wooden wind chimes of all shapes and sizes for the orchestra to be complete. Oh, and you can create an artistic miniature version of wind farms which can be quite hypnotizing during a stormy day.


Element of water

Water is the source of life. It can carve through rock in the gentlest manner possible. It can fall from the sky, break out of the ground and heal every aching soul in between. It is associated with wisdom, depth, inspiration, serenity, and spirituality. Just don’t disturb the waters otherwise its overabundance can cause an emotional overload. Garden ponds with miniature waterfalls and asymmetric flowing shapes with dark tones are a perfect exterior Zen solution. However, if you want to keep things casual and a bit pompous, just call a plumber and tell him you want a fountain installed.


Element of earth

Earth is where life resides. It is an epitome of strength, durability, balance, support, and stoutness, but it can also become chaotic, relentless, and even mobile. Still, all quakes aside, gardens that want this element to boost its aesthetics should try adding decorative stones and square, rectangular, or round shapes of low or flat surfaces. With that natural color spectrum ranging from brown to green, you might want to think about incorporating plants and sandstone tiles in your backyard to give everything that earthy, energy-nurturing feel. It is no wonder why forests in particular project that sensation of tranquility, because they are a fertile ground for life to flourish, so you might as well make your own garden a bit wild and lush.


Final word

It is not just the result that will provide serenity, ‘tis the journey that will reward you too. Keep it stress free. It’s your backyard, you have enough time to transform all your ideas into reality.

Derek-Lotts-Smooth-DecoratorDerek is a hopeless romantic, awkward situation enthusiast and Assassin’s Creed addict. He often writes about décor, gardening and recycling. He thinks all these fall under self-improvement. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment. His motto is: “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.” You can find him blogging regularly at Smooth Decorator.

I look for article contributions from spiritual and metaphysical professionals or otherwise people who know their stuff. Are you a published author? Do you have a blog of your own? If so, you can submit an article to be featured as a guest post In My Sacred Space.



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My first reaction to the reading was WOW. Your words captured a theme woven into my life right now. The reading has emboldened me to take back my power and inspired me to research some books, get back to meditating and provided a focus.


New York

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