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Sep 7, 2015 | Energy, Psychic Stuff, Spirit

I‘ve seen a lot of things written here and there across the internet that promote the concept of “false light” – in other words, the idea that something that is “not of the light” can pretend to be “of the light” in order to trick you into doing something you shouldn’t, trusting it, etc.

Many of the premises for this false light theory state that dark beings pretend to be spirit guides and helpers and the end game is to trick you into reincarnating, or a negative entity pretends to be a loved one or a guide for the purposes of doing you harm.

Obviously, this concept can create a lot of fear, doubt, and paranoia in many individuals. It can cause you to second guess yourself, your guides, feel unsafe and out of control.

I thought, then, I would discuss this concept in-depth and explain why the idea of “false light” is a fundamental impossibility, and shed some light on what is really happening when people have the perception that they are experiencing “false light trickery.”

First, let’s talk about what constitutes “light” and what constitutes “dark.” 

Light is eternal love energy which makes up the entirety of the universe. “Dark” would be the lower end of the love spectrum. Most people would say that darkness is the absence of light – but if light is the equivalent of love, and love is what makes up everything in the universe, then there is love even in the darkness, and as such, there is also light in the darkness.

As humans, we view darkness as being the opposite of light. Opposites only exist within duality, and duality is illusory. It only exists here in the physical plane – the remainder of existence (and nonexistence) is based in unity. That unity encompasses the illusion of duality.

So how is it that duality exists in the first place? Duality is a perception. What allows that perception to endure is the perception that there is a lack of love (but as we stated above, love is all there is, so this is an illusion).  This perception is created when we are born into the dualistic plane because of our forgetfulness of where we came from, and that we are love. At that point, we are unaware that love is all there is, and in that lack of awareness, we perceive that there is a lack of love.

Now we’ve established that darkness is a human created perception. So what, then, are we perceiving?

As I mentioned above, love is energy that exists on a spectrum. The “light” end of the spectrum vibrates at a high speed. The “dark” end of the spectrum vibrates at a low speed. What you are perceiving that you label as “darkness” is an energy. That energy is neither good nor bad. It just is. It is our dualistic perception of that energy which labels it darkness and our fear of it which gives us the belief that it is “bad.”

Now we come to the fundamental reason number 1 why darkness cannot pretend to be “light.” 

Energy is the basic building block of all things in existence. At its most basic level, it is what it is. It can be nothing else.  That energy is measured by its speed of vibration.

A low vibrational energy cannot pretend to be a high vibrational energy.  Firstly because of law of attraction – the higher vibration repels the lower vibration. So it would be physically impossible for a lower vibrational being to even be near a higher vibrational being in its current state of vibration.

So the only way for a lower density being to “pretend” to be a higher vibrational being is for that lower vibrational being to actually raise its vibrational rate and BECOME a higher being. This is, for all intents and purposes, what we would call ascension, or evolution. And in that case, the lower vibrational being is not being deceitful, it is actually evolving. And the nature of evolution is a forward motion – it doesn’t go backward.

So why then, do we believe we have experiences that suggest lower vibrational beings are pretending to be higher vibrational beings? 

Light is eternal love energy which makes up the entirety of the universe. “Dark” would be the lower end of the love spectrum. Most people would say that darkness is the absence of light – but if light is the equivalent of love, and love is what makes up everything in the universe, then there is love even in the darkness, and as such, there is also light in the darkness.
It’s not because that entity is pretending to be of the light. It’s because you have a misunderstanding about what the light is.

After all, as I mentioned above, you have come into this existence not remembering where you came from and that you are light. And your whole existence here is a process of remembering/learning where you came from and what the light is. So naturally, in your state of not knowing, it is easy for you to become confused about that which you cannot currently clearly remember.

The only thing that is tricking you, is you. 

What creates confusion?

Your ego and your belief systems, when unexamined, create distortions in your understanding

We hold many beliefs. Some of them we are conscious of, others we are not that conscious of, because they are painful. When we hold negative beliefs about ourselves, and we have a lack of self-love, we are living with a distorted view. Because as we established above, love is all there is.

When we live with that distorted view of ourself, we do one of two things:

1. We are aware of it and accept it as our reality,  which results in depression, sadness, etc.
2. We become afraid of it and ignore it, and overcompensate for it, repress it, and pretend that we don’t really feel that way and we lie to ourselves about it.

In either of these situations, we have a fundamental misunderstanding about what love is (and as such, what light is). We seek love, attention, and affection outside of ourselves because we cannot see it within ourselves.  The thing is, all of that exists within, but we are blocking it through our belief that we are not worthy of love, and our inability to love ourselves. It is our search to find those things outside of ourselves which makes us vulnerable to misconceptions about what light actually is.

Because we are placing our trust outside of ourselves, and seeking the light from outside of ourselves (instead of within), we become susceptible to things that make us feel good. But the kind of good that it’s making us feel isn’t love – it’s feeding our ego and the personal void that we believe we have within us (where our light should be, but we can’t see, because we have blocked it with our belief that we are not worthy of love).

How many of you have been in a manipulative relationship where you know, looking back, that you allowed someone to take advantage of you, all because you felt like you needed their love to feel good about yourself?

When you were in the relationship, you were getting what you needed – that good feeling – and you put up with all of that other shit because you thought it was love. But now, looking back, perhaps you can see that it wasn’t.

If you’re a self-aware person who has examined your motivations, you will understand the role that you played in that relationship and how you allowed yourself to be taken advantage of because you were mistaken about what love was.

If you are not a self-aware person, you’re probably still blaming it all on that other person and not taking responsibility for your part in it. You’ve made yourself a victim and you’ve given your power away.

The same concept applies with entities that you deem to be “of the dark.” They are what they are. It is you who are mistaken about their identity – or at least, your projection of identity onto that energy. Because we project onto that energy in the same way we project onto other people.

How do we get out of our heads and better discern what we are attracting to ourselves, interacting with and experiencing, then? 

First, work on your shit. If you work on your shit, you have less head problems to deal with and you will most likely not attract or manifest such a situation to begin with. Remember to love yourself.

Second, stop relying on your head and start relying on your heart. Learn to feel the energy of what you are experiencing, because as I stated above – lower vibrational energy cannot pretend to be higher vibrational energy, and energy is a palpable thing.

Third, recognize your oneness with all things – even the dark things, for they are as much aspects of you as the light.

And lastly, love them as you love yourself, because they are a part of you. It is only your perceived lack of love for yourself that allows something into your life that you also perceive lacks love. The darkness you perceive outside of you is only a reflection of the darkness that you perceive within you. But you are light, and you always were.

There is no darkness pretending to be light. There is only light pretending to be darkness.










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My first reaction to the reading was WOW. Your words captured a theme woven into my life right now. The reading has emboldened me to take back my power and inspired me to research some books, get back to meditating and provided a focus.


New York

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