Do Spirits Stay Angry When They Cross Over?

Question from a reader:

“I know of three different situations where someone was visited from a loved one. In their visit, the spirit seemed mad. I always thought people were more content and happy and wanted you to know they were alright after passing on.

Duality only exists here on earth where the physical realm is, and it is illusory. Duality exists because we create it through our ignorance of our true state, which is love. When we lack the understanding that love is all there is, we fill that void with fear. Anger and other negative emotions, in most instances, are a product of that fearful dualistic state that we only experience here on earth.

It is my understanding that once an entity leaves the dualistic plane, they are no longer subject to duality. They become a part of a “higher” dimension (I say higher, but it’s more accurately an encompassing dimension), which is of a higher vibration and cannot carry heavier, fear-based energy with them.

One possibility is that the loved ones in question had not crossed over and were still in the dualistic plane because they had unresolved issues. Another possibility is that the experiences were actually a projection of the person who experienced them, were interpreted based on that person’s fears, or otherwise the person was lacking some understanding about the experience.

I’ve had interactions with spirits who haven’t yet crossed over and they can be in a state of distress or confusion for a number of reasons and it doesn’t have to occur immediately after they’ve died.

A spirit once came to me while I was spending the night away from home and told me that he didn’t want to be dead. I felt that he was concerned about the welfare of the family that he had left behind and that’s why he wasn’t crossing over. I have no idea when he passed. It could have been recent or it could have been 30 years ago.

I explained to him that they would be ok, sent him love and asked my team to work with his and escort him to where he needed to be.

We also have to understand that we, ourselves, have a limited perspective and may never know the full context of the story. How much do we hide from our own friends and family members? Sometimes the emotions that we hide are very big, and we might take them to our grave. And while others will speak about us from their perspective and perception of who we were, they will only know what we showed them, not what really was–unless, of course, we were being authentic in that life.

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