Do Aliens Really Exist?

Aug 10, 2015 | Aliens, Spirit

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Discussions about aliens and UFOs amongst the muggle kind can often relegate you to the realm of wack-jobs and attention seekers, and to talk about it among spiritual people, you can often dip into the waters of fear and conspiracy. Today I want to look at this topic from a rational¬†perspective and discuss why the existence of aliens is actually not a crazy idea at all, and that it’s highly unlikely that there’s anything to be afraid of.

The Drake Equation

The Drake Equation is a mathematical equation created by Frank Drake, an astronomer and astrophysicist, in the 1960s to stimulate scientific discussion around the idea that life may exist on other planets. Drake’s equation, based on a number of variables , estimates the number of active alien civilizations to be up to 100 million in the Milky Way galaxy alone. ¬†


Given the probability of an infinite universe, the outer reaches of space should literally be teeming with life. 

If the margin of error in Drake’s equation results in only a fraction of that number, life on other planets is pretty much all but a certainty.

Why Haven’t We Seen Them?¬†

The leading argument against the Drake Equation is the Fermi Paradox.

The Paradox is saying that  if so many planets exist or have existed with intelligent life, why is there a lack of contact between the intelligent life and us and why is there such a lack of physical evidence of said intelligent life here on earth, or elsewhere in the observable galaxy?

People claim to see UFOs and be in contact with aliens all the time, but the general public keeps labeling them as crazy people. And then, of course, there’s the notion that governments of the world have known about aliens visiting earth since at least World War II but have been covering it up. The scientific community doesn’t exactly take either of these things seriously.

If you’re a fan of ancient aliens, you could make the argument that they’ve been around much longer than that.

But let’s say that Drake is right, for a moment, aliens are out there and ask ourselves…

Why haven’t they made wide-spread contact?

There’s a lot of speculated reasons for that, the most prominent being that we’re still a developing civilization (earth is approximately 4 billion years old in an estimated 14 billion year old universe) and generally speaking, widespread contact could cause some serious social problems, most notably, it would completely derail how religious fundamentalists see their world.

And, of course, there’s also that small problem that we keep treating them as though they’re hostile.

Well… are they?¬†


Let’s back up and minute and discuss how old humanity is. We’ve been around for approximately 200,000 years, according to science. We may have been here longer and we may have advanced to a point similar to where we are today, technologically, but obviously something went awry if that’s the case and we started over from scratch.

So, today’s version of humanity is not that old. Especially in comparison to a universe that’s an estimated 14 billion years old.

Now… in a universe teeming with life, if any of those civilizations¬†got any kind of head start on us, and lasted longer than we have, it’s because they didn’t blow themselves up. That says a lot, actually. It seems like earth is on the brink of nuclear war at the slightest whim of an egotistical world leader.

We don’t have the technology to send a human being outside of earth’s orbit, but we possess the ability to completely obliterate ourselves.

If an alien species has been able to stick around long enough to evolve, technologically, to the point of interdimensional space travel without destroying themselves in the process, it probably means they’ve evolved pretty highly as far as intellect and conscious awareness goes.


In other words, the odds of a hostile alien race (such as, well, ourselves…) being able to cooperate with each other long enough to develop long-distance space flight and reach earth would be a feat in and of itself – if our own evolution is any indication.

The Prime Directive

Any Trekkies out there the Sacred Space? I’m sure you’re familiar with the Prime Directive. It’s the guiding principle of the United Federation of Planets and prevents personnel from interfering with internal development of alien civilizations, particularly those¬†which are below a certain threshold of technological, scientific and cultural development.

Uhh, yeah. That’d be us.

We probably look to aliens¬†what the uncontacted tribes of the Amazon look like to us. We probably treat them the same way, too…

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 9.30.59 PM

If aliens have newspapers, the headlines probably read exactly the same.

“Holy shit! Uncontacted natives shoot technologically ancient weapons they call “missiles” at reconnaissance ship!!!”

It’s no wonder there’s a prime directive, though. Especially when it comes to the technology thing.¬†We’d probably do something like this…


But I don’t think the aliens we’re talking about are terribly interested in weapons, for all the reasons I discussed above. They’re interested in something else. Make love, not war!


Oh, so THAT’S where all those hybrid children are coming from…

But in all seriousness, these are very logical reasons to believe in life on other planets.







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  1. Well said, as always, Ash… I never gave aliens a second thought til I started reading all this Ascension stuff. And ‘all this ascension stuff’ started coming to me out of the blue in March. Guess Erik’s FB page was a partial catalyst for that. And if you read everything, it does get weird. Same with the ascension stuff! But it is completely logical that they are out here. It is completely real that they are depicted all over the walls of ancient Egypt and elsewhere that’s ancient. I believe we can learn alot from them. I don’t believe alot of them would want to visit here in 3D cos it’s so dense and we are quite a ridiculous race at the moment. It’s probably alot like us meeting the Neanderthal and then trying to discuss deep spirtuality. I dunno if that would work. But yep, it makes for good discussions. That part is true.


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