Can Your Ego Screw Up Divine Timing?

Question from a reader:

“I believe there are many paths one can take in life. Some spiritual teachers who are totally loving have come across my path recently and talked about how ego can override divine timing. That you must be ‘aligned with your higher self’ to be a recipient of divine timing. I thought divine timing was always working … I realized all this talk about aligning with your higher self is just another way of making people feel bad about their choices. Could be my own issue because of what I’ve been dealing with lately, but aren’t we all already enough? Don’t we have it inside of us already?”

No, I do not believe that your ego can override divine timing and there’s actually a pretty simple reason why… or maybe not so simple, depending on who you ask. 🙂

I believe in multiple realities–that various aspects of ourselves are experiencing every possible choice our ego could ever make. We experience it all, not just this timeline that this singular aspect of our ego self sees. That’s why I don’t believe in mistakes, or that your life plan can get fucked up, or that we ever make a wrong choice. It’s all experienced by our higher self. The good, the bad, the ugly, in some way shape or form.

Basically, you said there were many paths we can take in life… I believe we take ALL of them. And they are all divine. Dolores Cannon talks about this in-depth in the first book of her Convoluted Universe series and she even discusses how we trade places with our alternate selves from time to time as our realities collide and our personal vibrations shift. Some people call it timeline hopping or quantum jumping. It’s fascinating shit! If you want to geek out a little, I wrote about it in a previous blog post.

Now, for someone who is doing a reading and they are only tapping into one line of that experience, or for someone who doesn’t understand multiple realities or just doesn’t believe in them, then of course, from that limited perspective it can appear that a person would be able to somehow screw something up. But that is a tad bit fear-based, yeah? And all fear comes from a limited perspective.

As far as alignment goes, I definitely do believe in the concept of alignment, but not the way it sounds like other people are talking about it.

Think about all of those paths we mentioned earlier as a spectrum of experiences. There’s the highest vibrational experience, the lowest vibrational experience, and everything in between. We need the lowest vibrational experiences, they’re imperative to our understanding of self. It’s why duality exists, after all–so that we can know ourselves (Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsh does a lovely job of explaining this when God talks about why it “created” itself).

Alignment, to me, means finding your way into that highest vibrational spectrum that is based more around love. It doesn’t mean that it’s right or wrong, just one direction we can go, and certainly reaching it is the purpose of our existence, however, we must experience all of the other stuff along the way in order to reach alignment, because it’s those experiences which propel us to our highest and grandest self. So we can’t look down on those experiences as being wrong or bad. We need them, they’re integral to what we’re up to here. Hell, they’re the whole reason we incarnated in the first place!

I think that’s where a lot of people miss the mark in their understanding of why we’re here. They only picture the end result and they don’t understand that the process… the experience of becoming… is what we’re here for. The journey, not the destination. You can’t become anything over there in the fluffy confines of “Heaven”–you’re already one with all that is and you know it. The only way to experience becoming anything is to first be what it is not. Thus, we come here to forget that which we already are so that we can experience becoming that which we already were, but forgot…

The funny thing is, as long as fear of doing the wrong thing or being the wrong thing is what is driving someone to make the “right” choices to get into what they think is alignment, they’ll never actually get into alignment, because they’re still living in a state of fear. Oh the irony!



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