Discernment – or – The Top 6 Things You Should Tell To Fuck Off

In a previous post, I went on a mini rampage about fear-based bullshit. Make no mistake about it, I have an exceptionally low tolerance for fear-mongering. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Fear is just. Not. My. Thing.

When I read something, be it a spiritual book or a blog post or some channelled message, I want it to leave me feeling inspired, empowered, full of love and ready to take on anything. That’s how I know it’s coming from a good place.

I’ve said before as well that my sniff test for any information I come across is, “Does this smell like love, or does this reek of fear?” and that’s my mechanism for discernment.

Anything that remotely looks like a fear-baed belief system? I’m like, “Nope.”

That being said, there are a certain few things that tend to fall into that category, so without further pomp and circumstance, here’s my next #Fuckit15 post: the top 6 things that make me say, “Fuck off”:

1. If something or someone tries to make you dependent on them. E.g. “I’m the only person who can do this for you, save you/fix you/love you/communicate this information to you”… FUCK OFF.

2. If something leaves you feeling afraid when there’s no immediate, tangible danger involved. FUCK OFF!

3. If something leaves you feeling like you need to be rescued. FUCK. The fuck. OFF.

4. If something leaves you feeling powerless or that you are have no agency in your own life. Fuck off.

5. If something leaves you feeling unworthy. FUCK. OFF.

6. Doomsday predictions, evil aliens, evil entities, demons, the devil, hell, evil–period., negative entity attachments, black magic, the boogey man, things that live under your bed and go bump in the night, the monster in your closet, incubi, succubi, reptillians, galactic wars, government conspiracies, soul-sucking moon reincarnation machines, 5G, Qanon, and the goddamn tooth fairy if she’s acting like bitch… FEEEEECK. FUCK. OFF.

Who needs it? Why do you need it? Why would you want it? Why do you cling to it?

Especially when there’s SO MUCH LOVE! Just sitting there waiting for you to SEE it.


Surrender. To. Love.


“But what about the Lucifer Experiment and the Illuminati–“





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  1. I laughed so hard at the end when I saw grumpy cat. Perfect finale. 🙂

    Hell yes to fuck off.

  2. Fuck it All ! hahaha <3

  3. Well said Ash!

  4. Perfectly stated! …and uhmmmm I kinda did this with my ‘poor me’ mom today for the first time EVER. Not in anger, just frustration I finally called her out on her VICTIM behaviour. SOMEONE had to. My sweet 84 year old dad who does EVERYTHING for her, just kinda meekly smerked without saying a word. (so my husband said.) NOT supporting her story,…the one that ISN’T supporting her. 🙂 <3 Great Post.

  5. Love you! Feel like writing a guest post?

  6. Pretty good. Lol.
    You remind me of my Red sister.
    Keep on with your writing.
    Have a New honest modern take I haven’t seen yet online.

    • I dunno who your Red sister is but she must be pretty fucking awesome 😉

      Thanks for reading 🙂


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